Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Iron Painter 2012, Concluded

November 3rd, 2012 at 10.30 am marked the start of Iron Painter 2012. Eight courageous hobbyists took part in this 24-hour challenge, but only seven prevailed by November 4th, 2012 at 10.30 am.
Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the magnificent seven Iron Painters of 2012.
2012 Iron Painters (L to R) : Shukur, Janice, Alvin, Khairul, Jeff, Joshua, Iqbal
A huge congratulations to Khairul who emerged as the overall Iron Painter Champion, and also earning his first ever Purity Seal. Meanwhile, Iqbal deserved an honourable mention as he was the only one who managed to achieve the Iron Halo award for painting 50 models. Special kudos to Janice for being the first female in Malaysia to participate and complete the Iron Painter challenge. And last but not least, to Jamie, who pulled out from the challenge at 4 am due to extreme fatigue. We truly appreciate your passion for the hobby and for taking part in this event.
Here are the seven beautiful armies painted in only 24 hours during this event. Keep in mind, absolutely nothing seen here was painted before the event itself, and that includes the display boards.
Khairul's Blackhorse Calvary Mechanised Company
Iqbal's Nurgle Force
Shukur's Soviet Tankovy Batalon
Jeff's British Welsh Guard
Alvin's Iron Warriors
Janice's Ork Hunting Party
Joshua's Khornate CSM

Some of the Iron Painters have posted their personal experience taking part in the event, so do checkout their blog links on the sidebar to our left. Again, congratulations to all Iron Painters.

Ave Legio!


  1. Brilliant job guys! Not only were armies painted in 24 hours, they were also painted really well! Congrats to all!

  2. Excellent work everyone! Now thinking of it I kinda regret not participating. Nevertheless it's great to see a fully painted army complete with dioramas. This reminds me of Armies on Parade.

  3. Great job to all! Made voting a real chore! Hope to see these armies in tabletop battle too!

  4. wow those FoW armies are nice !! congratulations to all who took part and a sexy one to my brother for being the best !! those heli-s are damn sexy bro !!

  5. It's exciting to see all those new FoW armies. Congrats to all of you who pulled it off!


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