Monday, December 3, 2012

Hobby Night Recap 30/11/12

The Black Steel Tournament is over with Kwok emerging as the Champion. However, pictures of the awesome 4x4 tables that the Legio Officers have built specially for the tournament has yet to surface. In case you haven't seen it, here they are:

The 4x4 Feral Pasture table

The 4x4 Deep Freeze table

Don't they look happy? Painted models and proper (awesome) wargaming tables equals to a fun Hobby Night experience :).

Anyway, WH40K is catching fire again as The Chosen is less than two weeks away. Speaking of which, as of this moment, there's still 4 spaces available if you want to join in the fun. If you're interested to join, make sure to register yourselves with the organizers. Click on the big Chosen banner above for more details.

Imperial Guard vs Blood Angels

Space Wolves vs Necrons
Funny thing about the SW-Necron matchup above, it turned out to be a shooting range match between the Necron Destroyers and SW Thunderwolf Cavalry. Yes, you've read that sentence correctly. You gotta contact Syamael & Subhan for more  information about this match.

The gladiatorial arena was opened again with Khairul, Arzmi, Zaki and myself taking part in the ever popular Spartacus board game. The most hilarious moment of the game was when House Solonius audaciously tried to win the game with only an axe left in the stable. One, as in singular, freaking axe. That was it; no gladiators, no guards, no slaves, and no other weapon whatsoever. Such epic moments are what makes this game an experience to remember. Laughing so hard till our stomachs hurt and tears fell down hahahaha.

Till next week, Ave Legio!


  1. Azlan always playing with a smile on his face! Great to see you still in the thick of it.

  2. Can't help but smile when you have the Emperor's steel and thunder of massed Leman Russ and Guardsmen with which to crush the heretic, the xenos and the traitor alike!

  3. RSVP for le warmachine players

    Dick Teh
    Shah Reza
    Keh Win-Tan
    Alan Ching
    Nick Ng
    Weng Fook

  4. I noticed that the two tables in the first two photos have Legiomalaysia printed on their sides. How cool is that?


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