Monday, January 21, 2013

First Throwdown a Success!

Well, as most of you should know the first 'throwdown' consisting of a 40K Troops choice was held Friday night, and the turnout was fantastic! A lot of great entries were made- 11 in all. Below I present to you all pictures of all the entries, taken by reknown Legio event photographer Marvin...

The winner of our first throwdown was Khairul's Imperial Fists Squad! He garnered the vast majority of votes with his gorgeous effort.

Tied for second place in the voting were Faizal's loathsome Plague Marines (top) and Goh's horrific Night Lords. Very nice job!

Tied for third place were Lena's Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior squad (top) and Azlan's Catachan Veteran squad. Both looked great! The remaining competitors who successfully posted their Troops choice are below, in no particular order...

Shukur's Black Templars

Iqbal's Dire Avengers

Faizal Sani's Iron Warriors

Joash's Necron Warriors

Yip's Red Scorpions

Rizal's Crimson Fists

Many thanks and congrats to all who got their Troops choices done in time for the throwdown. Next Friday, February 1st, we'll have our second throwdown which is also a Troops choice. For honorary/outstation competitors Doc and Patrick, be sure you post pics of your completed squads on your respective forum threads before Feb 1st to get 'throwdown credit'!

Until next time...



  1. Congratulations to everyone who made the event a success. Super congrats to all participants who got their first throwdown done. And a very super duper thank you for everyone who voted for my Imperial Fists.
    Thanks guys! You guys are the best :)

    Throwdown 2 here we come!!!

  2. And a superest thank you to Mervin for taking the pics and handing out newbie me photo tips and tricks. Thanks man. Really appreciate it.

  3. Wah, really nice pics. Well done everyone who brought their models. Standards are really looking up. I didn't realized I had 3rd placing. Looking forward to see the stuff in the next troops throwdown!


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