Wednesday, January 2, 2013

RSVP and 2013 Upcoming Events!

Well folks, 2012 is now in the books and it was a great year for Legio Malaysia. Chosen, Kindred III, Iron Painter II, Flames of War campaigns, and a whole lot more made it a fantastic hobby year. 2013 is now upon us, and we’ve got great plans for the year! I thought I’d take a moment and share some highlights from our upcoming schedule:

Legio Army Throwdown I

One of the things I’m most excited about is a new event format we’re introducing this year. Called the “Legio Army Throwdown’, it’s a long term event that combines aspects of ‘Tale of Two Gamers’ articles and the Iron Painter into an event specifically designed to help and motivate YOU to get a new army project done.

Basically, it’s a series of mini hobby challenges that culminates in a vote for the best overall army. Participants bring completed units to each specified “throwdown”, and let the voting public of Hobby Night attendees vote which is best. Today starts our very first one, which will be for Warhammer 40,000. Participants start with a 2,000 legal list, no more than 25% completed. For each ‘throwdown’, they bring the specified completed unit to Hobby Night for judging. Here’s the schedule for our first Legio Army Throwdown:

* January 18th- Troops
* February 1st- Troops
* February 15th- Elites
* March 1st- HQ
* March 15th- Heavy Support
* March 29th- Fast Attack
* April 12th- Wild Card (any previously undisplayed choice from your army)
* April 26th- Wild Card

For all participants who complete their 40K armies AND attend at least four throwdowns, they are invited to the final judging Hobby Night on May 10th. There, everyone attending Hobby Night will enjoy free snack and beverages, along with the chance to vote for their favorite army. The winner will receive a Purity Seal for their glorious victory, while the remainder will get framed certificates proving they completed the Army Throwdown. ‘Honor Badges’ will be added to certificates for winning previous throwdowns, attending all of them, etc. Either way, it’s a great way to stay motivated towards getting the army done. We’ll also post standings of all the competitors on the Legio blog, showing their attendance/progress.

In addition, each Legio Army Throwdown challenge will feature an optional theme. This theme will be determined by the Legio membership, and will normally involve a campaign, tournament, or some other themed follow up event. Participation in the “theme” is OPTIONAL. Any 40K army is eligible to participate in the challenge. However, for those who are interested, the theme for our first Throwdown is the Horus Heresy. To participate in the theme, your 40K army must comply with the following restrictions:

* Your army must be an Imperial Heresy-era army. Space Marines should be most if not all of the entries. Imperial Army is permitted with approval of the theme organizers (Alvin, Jeff, or Khairul)

* Space Marine armies must entirely consist of Mk II, III, or IV armor. ForgeWorld models are the best way to do this, but conversions are allowed if they are VERY high quality. Final approval for conversions falls with the organizers. We strongly recommend the ForgeWorld models.

* Lists shall be made exclusively with the Horus Heresy series of books from ForgeWorld.

* No DIY Legions whatsoever will be allowed- everything must be as canon as possible.

If you’re mad enough to get excited with this and want to participate, contact the theme organizers for details!

40K League Season IV

After a long hiatus “The League” has returned! You can sign up now, and full details are in the rules pack. Just click on the league banner on top of the Legio page for all the details. Participation is free, so join today!

Flames of War “Europe in Flames” Tournament

We are holding a Late War, 2000 point Flames of War tournament on Saturday, March 9th. More details and a rules pack will be coming soon, but this should be enough info to take care of planning for yourself!

Legio Birthday Bash V

On Saturday, May 25th we’ll be holding the fifth annual Legio Birthday Bash. We’ll be holding the Kindred IV tournament (details coming soon), as well as the fifth annual Golden Kris painting competition. The categories this year will be Single Model, Large Model, Unit, and ‘Duel’. The Duel category features a one on one fight between two models. Full rules will come soon.

To celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Golden Kris competition, we commissioned local Malaysian artist Jarold Ng to sculpt our very own statuette for the Kris winners. I’ll let the picture below speak for itself:

We are very pleased with his work, and think that the 12 winning painters will be more than happy to take these home to display proudly! Special thanks goes to my fellow Legio officers Azlan, Khairul, and Alvin for generously donating the funds for this statuette commission.

More details will come for the latter half of the year, but I can say it’ll feature a Battlefleet Gothic campaign, a Flames of War campaign, another Iron Painter (this time held at Battlefront Miniatures), and of course our yearly December 40K tournament. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Legio hobby scene, and we encourage all hobbyists to come and enjoy the hobby we love so much.

RSVP up here and come see us this Friday. It'll be a blast!
Ave Legio!



  1. WHOA MOMMA !! BERSERK MODE !!! i just burst an artery from excitement !!

    gotta hand it to the legio top brass, you sexy lot literally managed to plan events for the whole year and thats just c-r-a-z-e-e-e

    and that GK award is amazing !! pun intended too !!

    so much exclamation marks makes the inter-webzz explode !! i'm so EXCITED for 2013 !!!

    *arzmi blew up

  2. Awesome hobby schedule!!! Definitely will be there this Friday to kick off a truly awesome 2013!!!

  3. Am really pumped about doing my pre-heresy Imperial Fist. Also looking forward to the FoW tournament. Haven't played in one for ages :)

    Ave Legio!!

  4. WOW! This is mindblowing!
    2013 is gonna be awesome!

  5. ZERO RSVPs? Hopefully tonight won't be dead. I'll certainly be here preparing for the Singapore tournament. 90% sure I'm going at this point.

  6. I RSVPd :) anyone else coming for a bit of 40k dice rolling?

  7. So you did! I must be getting old lol...

  8. I'll be there, gonna be working on my HH stuffs.

  9. The Unknown above was me, no idea why it turned out that way.

  10. Dear sir, RSVPing for

    Shah, Jo, Alan, Mawi, Alan and Dick

  11. I'm attending, but will be arriving quite late (around 9-ish).

  12. arzmi rsvp jupiter's you know what stylze


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