Monday, February 18, 2013

Elites Throwdown recap

This was another excellent throwdown with participants showing off their superbly painted elite choices. Although there were less entries, mainly due to some of the participants still being on Chinese New Year holiday, the mood was still great.

Coming in first place was Jeff with his awesomely painted Sons of Horus contemptor dreadnought.
Khairul was second with his Imperial Fist contemptor.
And Lena was voted third with her Dark Eldar Incubi.
Other entries for the night were, in no particular order;
Alvin's Blood Angels contemptor dreadnought
Dann's Dark Eldar grotesques
Shukur's Black Templar terminators
Doc Selvam's White Scars apothecary
Congratulations to all the participants for managing to complete their elites throwdown. Also congratulations to all the winners.
And a very super thank you to everyone who showed up for the hobby night to vote for the throwdown. The next one is in 2 weeks time and it's the HQ slot.

Cheers all.


  1. Woohoo! Well done! Congrats to you guys. That was a real close race with only one vote separating the top two!

  2. Those Dreadnoughts look so cool, I wish I had painted one for the Scars. Looking forward for the HQ throwdown.

  3. Congrats to Jeff, Khairul and Lena =)

    The standard is very high for Elites throwdown, I personally appreciate the details on smaller infantry models such as Shukur's Termi (white on black is so damn hard to paint, I've been there, and nice job on the OSL for thunder hammer), and Dann's "Silent Hill" Groteque, Dann's paint scheme is actually kinda John Blanche-ish =D

    1. All of the entries looked fantastic- I agree on the John Blanche comparison :)

  4. COngrats to the winners!

    I really like Dann's Grotesques. Well done bro.

  5. Great entries!
    The HQ Throwdown is gonna be awesome.


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