Saturday, February 2, 2013

What a Night!

What a night, indeed! Last night was one of the best Hobby Nights we've had in recent memory, as not one but TWO awesome events took place. Tables were packed, smack was talked, and everyone had a blast as the dice flew and armies clashed.

First off, last night kicked off the fourth season of the 40K League. Games got started immediately as players did their best to get in as many as possible- Azlan even managed to get two games in before I left for the night! Speaking for myself I had a fantastic game against Faizal's Space Wolves, and learned just how shooty that army can be! While Prince Yriel and the rest of my Iyanden warhost weren't successful in capturing "The Relic", I did have a blast. 25 Wraithguard on the table is a lot of fun... Be sure to check the right hand margin of our blog to see the latest score updates for all the league players!

We also held the second part of our ongoing Legio Army Throwdown. Last night competitors were tasked to display their second Troops choice, and some fantastic squads were entered. Without further ado, here are the awesome entries:

In a closely contested vote, Goh and his excellent Night Lords Chaos Space Marine squad won the second throwdown.  Beautifully painted models, a great freehand painted banner, and foreboding display stand all combined to bring Goh victory. Well done!

With only two less votes than the winner, Dann's Dark Eldar Wrack squad came in a close Second Place. The creepy flesh tones and horrific theme really set this squad apart!

Finally in Third Place we have Faizal's converted Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marine squad. The somber tones, sculpted fur cloaks, and excellent conversion work really made this squad stand out.

Our next throwdown is Hobby Night, February 15th, and the category is ELITES. Everyone needs to bring a legal Elites choices from your ever growing army. For myself and three others, we really need to show to this one, as we've all missed both of the initial throwdowns! :O

We'll wrap up with the remainder of the army throwdown entries from last night, in no particular order. Take care, and see you all next week for more miniatures fun and Week 2 of the league!

Azlan's Catchan Imperial Guard Squad

Faizal's Plague Marine Squad

Shah's Crimson Fist Space Marines Squad

Iqbal's Eldar Dire Avenger Squad

Lena's Dark Eldar Wych Squad

Shukur's Black Templars Squad

Rizal's Crimson Fists Space Marine Squad

Doc's White Scars Space Marine Squad


  1. It was an awesome hobby night indeed!! We had some new faces show up. Welcome to them and we hope to see you again :).

    Congrats to all throwdown participants. You guy's really showed some stunning work. 2 crimson fist squads and a black templar....very cool. Let's hope the fist can make it four next throwdown.

    Super congrats to Goh for winning. You've set the bar that bit higher for the next one dude. Well done. That's what Legio's all about.

    I know everyone else had fun either participating in our League 4 event or painting at the hobby tables or playing Warmachine. Thanks everyone for making it happen. I didn't take count last night but did we have more than 20 turn up?

    A special shout out to our new club Administratum Adept, brother Shukor for taking stock of all our tables and terrains. Esp for putting all the matching terrains into specific boxes. Thanks man. Appreciate it.

    Ave Legio!!!

  2. That was amazing! I actually got one more game in after Jeff left - 3 league games in one Hobby Night! My 'ead 'urts ... haven't done that in awhile.

  3. I've never seen such a huge turnout in one legio hobby nite save the one we had last Friday! I even clocked in 2 league games and a throwdown entry to boot. Thanks for the votes peeps! Its good to be home indeed.

  4. Had a great night too.

    Especially getting to play 2 League games with some awesome players. The amount of people was insane too, haven't seen such a huge turnout in a long time.

  5. The quality of the throwdown mini's are disgustingly awesome! Never thought I'd develop an appreciation for Chaos ascetics. Looking forward to seeing the Elites make their big debut in a couple of weeks!

  6. 2 words to describe the night: awesomely AWESOME !!

    the total number of battle brothers was immense. the atmosphere was like a warzone !! albeit a friendly warzone with high-fives and fist bumps between players. i managed to get a few games in and it seeing all those tables with models truly has ignited my passion for the hobby yet again !!

    congratulations to all throwdown participants as well !! i have to agree with sexy Nahri, they were disgustingly awesome. one of the best painting duke-outs i've seen. all of them were worthy winners in my eyes.

    cant wait for next hobby night at legio. im pumped and ready to roll out !!

  7. Last Hobby Night was the best so far for 2013, and this promises to be another good year.

    The Army Throwdown, as was before, brought along astounding models to the table. Kudos to Goh, it was truly well deserved.

    And the 40K League! Seeing all those gamers with tables chocked full of models invigorates my mood for painting, and of course, my eagerness to play a game. The Eldar may have not done well enough for the first week, but don't underestimate us. We'll shower you monkeighs with a hail of shuriken in the upcoming weeks.

  8. The past 3 weeks have been great for Legio. I look forward to the rest of the year. Especially the rest of the throw down armies.


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