Monday, March 25, 2013

Snipers, grenades and exploding oil drums!

Last Friday was the first play test of the kill team rules, and what a night!! The plan was to simply just play test the rules; however we ended playing 5 games, lobbing grenades at each other, blow up six oil drums and hold a three player game by the end of the evening.
Kill team is designed to be a Special Ops game where players can field small teams and play mission based around fun and creative scenarios. Due to the game being based around small Ops teams, multiple players can field teams. This makes it easy to join, needing only a few models for a team and fun to play against more than one player.
Teams can also use special war gear and various skills. For example, you can use smoke grenades to cover your tactical movement, take suspensors for your heavy weapon's team member giving him Relentless or give your sneakly sniper the Crack shot skill.
So what were some of the highlights of last week's test games? 
A marine armed with heavy bolter chasing the opposition down corridors, just lika a young Bruce Willis. The same HB marine in a mexican standoff with a marine armed with a sniper rifle( the sniper won because the HB marine ran off...unlike Bruce Willis!!)
And Shukor blowing up the oil drum objectives twice!!! Followed by him taking out the power generator resulting in the game going into night fight mode!!
Play test 2 will be held this Friday, so who wants to join? We are looking for more players to bring their action Heroes to the table!!

Written by Mark Smith


  1. The Imperial Fist Unit 11 will be making a stealthy appearance...

  2. Not sure what force I'm going to bring, but I'll be there to play! :)

  3. hawt damn my hand looks gorgeous. i'll be there with my special GK strike force code named: GKDB. RSVPed

    1. GKDB? Gnome Killing Dwarf Bashers? (Mark)

  4. Maybe I'll bring some Dark Eldar for the Kill Team, was thinking of playing some of the painted ones I have.

  5. Legio officer Alvin Khaw....there is no maybe bro. Do or do not ;)

  6. That just sounds too cool!!! I'll just need to try it out!!

  7. Hi Alvin and Azlan. It would be great if both of you can join Kill Team. Alvin, Dark Eldar would be fun!! I will email you the rules and info for building your team. I will be there around about 6.45, so can help with setting up your games. Cheers Mark

  8. one word..reaminationprotocol...!

  9. Looks like I missed a great deal of fun.
    Looking forward for another great one this week.


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