Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spartan Games Arena and RSVP's Ahoy!

Greetings Legionnaires and Hobbyists Alike, for it's time for some announcements and the RSVP thread!

First off, for those of you who don't know there's a new shop in the area that among other things is selling Games Workshop goodies called Spartan Games Arena. Judging from the posts on their Facebook page, they are mostly dedicated to collectible card games and board games. However, they have also posted up some pics of wargaming tables and 40K armies duking it out, and they carry Games Workshop figures and paints. We're glad to hear about another hobby shop out there, and we hear they are running their first 40K league starting next week.

Their 40K Escalation League starts April 1st, with armies beginning at 500 points and finishing at 1750 points at the end of the 2+ months league. Follow this link to visit the event page and get details from the organizer Irfan Ishak.

Speaking of leagues we've got a lot going on at Hobby Night tomorrow, first being the awards ceremony for our 40K League Season IV winners! Please join us if you can and give a big hand when they come up for their certificates :)

Also on tap for the evening is the "Fast Attack" challenge for our ongoing Legio Army Throwdown army painting challenge. Please drop by and vote for your favorite speedy unit- it's much appreciated!

We're also running another night of playtesting for our WIP "Kill Team" rule set. It's a fun way to play 40K with very small, customized forces in exciting commando-style missions. We'll be running a full Kill Team Campaign later this year once we've ironed out all the kinks. If you want to help us out and have some fun to boot, please ask about Kill Teams tomorrow and get involved!

Finally, we've got a special announcement for all members of Legio Malaysia. If you can possibly make it tomorrow we suggest you pop by. We've got something to show you that's damn cool and something we've been working on for a long time now. If you want details and a first peek, you've got to come by! :)

See you all there, and don't forget to post up your RSVP here or on our Facebook page!


  1. Cool, I'll be there with a Kill Team... Hmm mayhaps Tau?... :P Also really itching for another Warhammer Fantasy game if anyone's interested?

  2. I'll be trying Kill Team this week but my Lizardmen are always ready at Legio :)

  3. My vampire counts stands ready! I will be there.

  4. Goh here, RSVP... still not sure whether I can finish the heldrake but I guess I'll pull an all-nighter tonight

  5. I'll bring my Eldar for the Throwdown & Kill Team.

  6. Yep, I will be there. Anyone else for Kill Team?Mark

    1. The Death of Korps of Krieg will be making their tabletop debut in tonight's Kill Team playtesting. 20 servants of the Emperor are ready to lay down their lives in His glorious name!!!!!

  7. I'll be coming but I'll be late.


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