Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Pestilent Fury' Destroyed in Battle of Corilia!

In a hard fought battle over the Chaos-held Corilia system, Task Force Farquhar dealt a blow to the Chaos war fleet of Lord Minthras by destroying the Murder class cruiser 'Pestilent Fury' with all hands. However, despite this loss and the destruction of the infamous 'Deathdealer' squadron of Iconoclast raiders, Lord Minthras managed to inflict his own damage as well. The Imperial cruisers 'Intrepid' and 'Fearless' were both destroyed, as well as a squadron of Sword class frigates. With his fleet severely damaged and in an unfavorable position, Commander Farquhar was left with no choice but to withdraw his attack and preserve his fleet for the coming fight. This left Corilia and its hive worlds still under the thrall of Chaos....

We're halfway through the 'Lords of Mars' Battlefleet Gothic campaign, with more action to come! Whether you're playing in the campaign or not, we'd love to have you over tomorrow for a great night of miniatures hobby. RSVP here and let us know you're coming. As always you're welcome to bring friends, but please let us know their names :)


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