Thursday, November 7, 2013

RSVP for Hobby Night & Fantasy Army Throwdown

First up, we'd like to announce that Legio Malaysia have shifted from Battlefront Miniatures' office to the new Hobby Forge. Due to space constraints that we were and are still currently facing at the factory, we knew that we needed to shift Legio to a new location. This location had to be spacious enough for us to hold our regular Hobby Nights, events & tournaments and more importantly allow our tables to be laid out at all times thus protecting them from damages.

We're sure all of you will agree that the new Hobby Forge fits all these requirements and more. So please join us in thanking Alvin Khaw, the owner of Hobby Forge for kindly allowing us to shift Legio Malaysia's base there. Thank you dude.

Secondly, our Fantasy Army Throwdown : Core unit will be held tomorrow during Hobby Night. For everyone who have joined us in this painting madness, you will need to bring your completed Core unit. All entries must be displayed by 9pm. Those who bring their entries late at 9.01pm onward will not be eligible for voting so please come early. 
Voting will start from 9-10pm and is open to everyone who comes for Hobby Night. So even if you're not taking part, we'd appreciate if you can come to support and vote :)
Just in case you missed the first part of this post, the Throwdown will be held at Hobby Forge. Do not go to Battlefront Miniatures tomorrow night! Only zombies and ghouls will be there. 

Thirdly, our annual year end event will be held on Saturday, 14th of December. Wrath of the Ommissiah will a 1850 points Warhammer 40K tournament. The rulespack is already out. Just click on the banner above for details. We are having 20 participants for the event so please sign up quickly to confirm your entry. Be prepared for devastating steel rain from above!!! You cannot hide....

Fourthly, our Iron Painter event will be held next Saturday until Sunday. Again please click on the banner above for more details. No limit for participants so come join us :)

Lastly, since we're now based at Hobby Forge, you don't really need to RSVP here for your attendance but we'd like to keep the tradition alive. 

We've been based at Battlefront for 6 long years....Ave Legio!!!

Wow, that was a long post. RSVP here if you're coming.


  1. I will be there with my skaven clanrats.

  2. Under the unholy light of Morrslieb, in the shadows of our great Herdstone, my Beastmen shall bray and slay!!

  3. The Ghouls of Hel Fenn will be creeping in tomorrow.

    1. We need to talk campaign, sucka! Hold off on getting a game until we get a chance to chat. Got lots of ideas.... muahahahahaaaa!!!!

    2. Got it dude..I'm not gaming tmrw night, only for throwdown and campaign discussion

  4. Battlefront..I'm going to miss that place..great times indeed.

  5. As of now, my Throwdown entry is a legal '3-colours minimum' but needs more work. We'll see what I can do in less than 24 hours.
    See you guys there tomorrow!


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