Monday, November 18, 2013

This Friday at the Forge.. Dice, Games, Minis, and.... Burgers??!!


In consideration of both the upcoming Ascension tourney as well as our second Throwdown coming up, we thought it might be fun to have a festive Friday Hobby Night and bring down our grills for some cookout burgers and dogs!

Anyone coming to Hobby Night this Friday has the next TWO DAYS AND TWO DAYS ONLY to put in and pay for your own freshly grilled beefburgers, cheeseburgers, or hot dogs done up by Jeff Brooks and Khairul Effendy. Burgers are RM10.00 each and hot dogs RM 5 each. Buns are being baked just for us by the French bakery L'EpiD'or downstairs, and they are going to be great!

Funds are payable directly to Hobby Forge staff, Jeff Brooks, or Khairul Effendy. Orders must be placed and paid for no later than the end of the day tomorrow if you're interested.

See you Friday at Hobby Forge! :)

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