Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Weeks to H-Hour ...

... and Legio members were seen furiously basing models, painting, assembling and trying out army lists. We welcome new Legionnaires Faizal (belated welcome, sorry), Cikgu Din and Khairul to the ranks.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome Hobby Night. With 2 weeks to Legio Tournament I, there was plenty of 40k action going around, with all kinds of armies represented. I will not let on what these armies are, to keep it fair for the tourney, but I can tell you that my new 6th PzGdr list had the misfortune of playing 2 KP games, and got a right trashing in both. We also saw how effective the Thunderfire Cannon can be - MVP for that particular game.

There was some FoW action going on with Vinder's US Armored Infantry taking on Khairul's panzers. The FoW table featured the new river terrain pieces, which was real nice looking - straight out of the box too.

And in the background the buzz and whine of power tools and hobby knife busily hacking away at wood, masonite and blue foam means that our Fabricator-General will have no respite, no peace till all the tables are done for Legio Tournament I.

See you guys next Friday.


  1. That was a good Hobby Night indeed. I was certainly surprised at just how potent the Salamanders Thunderfire Cannon was!

    Myself and some aspiring Tech Priests came in Saturday and got a great deal of work done for the tournament tables. For those coming to this Friday's Hobby Night, you'll see the results!

  2. I got shot by those thunderfire cannon too. The amount of armor saves it forces on a unit is unreal. Hide hide...

  3. I feel really awful for not being
    able to contribute to the terrain

    But, i shall raid the donutorium
    and see if i can bring some
    yummy doughnuts over.

  4. Don't sweat it too much, dude. Shazli da Necron has been a huge help, and with lots of after work terrain madness we've almost finished the tables. They will definitely be done in time, with some extra cool Cities of Death buildings as well. I've even had time to paint Salamanders and German panzers! Ha ha!

    Do bring your donuts Saturday- they will be most welcome!


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