Friday, January 30, 2009

League Updates

We have a little news here for participants of both the current Flames of War league, as well as next week's launch of the 40K 2nd season.

First off, after midnight tonight we are no longer accepting registrations for the Flames of War Season 1 league. We've just passed the half way point, with only two weeks left! Be sure to get your 4 games (minimum) in, and get those armies painted if you haven't already.

For our 40K players, today starts your eligibility to submit your army list for the upcoming league. Starting today, feel free to email your list in through the blog. If you haven't read the rules yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. There are a few changes from last season, including one made to registration.

For Season 2, if you are not a member of Legio Malaysia, participation in the league will cost you RM15.00. I'm sure many of you would prefer a price of RM 0.00, but please keep in mind we are a club, not a shop. We need funds to provide you guys with tables, terrain, trophies, tshirts, etc. We appreciate your understanding, and sincerely thank you for your support by joining the league.

You might also want to consider becoming a member! For members, leagues are ALWAYS free, and you can join Legio Malaysia for as little as RM10.00 a month. If this sounds like it's your cup of tea, pop by any Hobby Night and we'll get you squared away.

That's it for this post, folks. See you tonight!

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