Friday, April 24, 2009

Hobby Night Schedule Updates

Tonight's Hobby Night will end a little earlier than usual- no later than midnight. No games may be started after 10PM, so please plan your evening accordingly. Don't forget that we'll be running a Terrain Construction seminar for members of the 40K SPORE team. Basic materials will be on hand, but bring whatever else you think you might need for your particular terrain piece.

Also note that there will be no Hobby Night on May 1st. The factory is closed for the holiday...

See you all tonight!


  1. Funny enough, I brought 3 pieces of terrain, checked out the basing, had a great chat about terrain, and still managed to squeeze in 2 games (ok, the first one I lost in 20 minutes) ... and there were lots of people too! amazing hobby nite

  2. no game night this week?

    man, i used to live a normal life

    to be a better fan i should be a better man

    friday nights usually i spend time doing stuffs my wife wants to do

    so she'll let me enjoy my saturday nights watching football

    then one day i experienced the 'legio experience'

    my friday nights have never been the same

    i was changed from within

    used to be a scout capturing objectives or taking wounds for the dude with the power fist

    but no more

    now i am a freaking scary dude in terminator armor going 'romantic comedy? honey u see this warp made nemesis weapon? now go get me my car keys stat! im off to war with the boyz' type of guy

    so to me

    this week of no gaming

    it never happened

  3. Wow- a poet!

    Have no fear- we'll be back in action next Friday the 8th

  4. lol ... i heard balau is open on saturday 2nd May, you can go get your fix there ... let me know if you wanna join in the fun

  5. It was fun to see the 1000 point Heavy Gear game this past Hobby Night. I hope to be able to get another big game going when Hobby Night returns!

    Till next time!

  6. Wolf is open on saturdays too.
    Where to get Heavy Gear stuff? The minis look cool and I must get my hands on them.

  7. Come over to Wolf's shop and ask him about the Heavy Gear stuff. I know a guy who's selling his unused, wrapped, hardcover Heavy Gear Blitz Locked and Loaded rulebook, too...


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