Friday, April 10, 2009

Early Close at Hobby Night Tonight

Hey folks,

Hobby Night will end at about 11:30 this evening, so please plan your attendance and gaming accordingly. I'll be back first thing Saturday morning for the championships, and I need my beauty sleep! ;)

Legio Malaysia members are welcome to come to the factory Saturday morning and check out the League Championships, as well as play games or hobby models. This will last until the championships end, which should be around 3 pm.

Cheers guys


  1. "No Xenos so far Sergeant," Brother Marrini reported as they moved through the dense smoke of blocking the entrance to the volcanic wastelands. "Be aware nonetheless, we've faced sneaky Orks before."

    As if in answer to Brother-Sergeant Amarre's response, a loud WARGHHH echoed through the wastelands, as biker Nobs came crashing through the smoke, tearing apart marines like a hot knife through butter.

    Even as the marines engaged the incoming green tide, cunning eyes surveyed the landscape, its gigantic wings flapped in anticipation. Its Daemonic ally slammed its axe into the ground in rage and fury, but it was clear who the leader today.

    As its two heads scanned the smoke, the Daemon saw its prey, a hulking marine millennia old, carrying with him a weapon forged in the Hellforges of the Warp. This was its prey, and it signalled the charge of the Daemonic forces.

    Abaddon looked at the incoming Daemon, and cursed in satisfaction. Rhino hidden out of sight rushed forth and disgorged traitorous marines long corrupted by the touch of Nurgle. Bright lances of scorching fire coursed through the air even as heavy fire support materialized into being. Heads will roll, and Abaddon had no intention of dying today.

  2. Man the preview option doesn't seem to allow me to edit my posts. So many silly grammatical errors :(


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