Friday, May 29, 2009

Don't Shoot!

Well, it looks like I get to be the bearer of bad tidings once again...

Currently, our factory is undergoing renovations in preparation for some new equipment and production capabilities. Today, unbeknownst to me, the central and side stairways have been resurfaced and varnished. In addition to the borderline toxic, chemical stench that even now I'm choking on in my office, the varnish takes 36 to 48 hours to completely dry. This makes all access points to the gaming area unusable until Monday. Therefore, I have no choice but to cancel tonight's Hobby Night.

To avoid last minute let downs and for your planning, let me also say that we won't be able to convene here for Hobby Night on June 5th, 12th, and 19th. We also need to push the Birthday Celebration back to June 27th. This is all due to a busy month of retooling and overseas visits from the senior management of Battlefront Miniatures. Hobby Night, while important to us all, must come second to factory requirements when it's all said and done. Usually, there's no conflict. Unfortunately, May/June seems to be a rough month for us.

I know everyone, myself included, was looking forward to coming tonight, especially after missing last week. It's a fun time, and Legio has grown from its humble beginnings. It's disappointing when we can't gather and enjoy our hobby as we expect to be able to do, and even more so when we find out at the last minute. My sincerest apologies.

Let me also say that this work will finish, and when that happens Legio Malaysia will benefit. Plans are in the works to expand our gaming tables and space. New activities are on the horizon, including a 40K campaign that I'm very excited about. Despite the lost Hobby Nights, I'm sure we'll get things back on track quickly, and get back to the business of HOBBY!




  1. What about memberships? This coming month is when my membership lapses, am I going to be paying membership for June when Legio isn't even active for most of June?

  2. For those who are planning for the Singapore trip, it may be best to contact Azlan directly as Legio will be unavailable till SPORE.

  3. actually, for all Legionnaires going down to SPORE, let's all meet somewhere else and discuss. Even a mamak would be good.

  4. yeah,lets meet up..mamak would be good

  5. Re the memberships, we'll be crediting members for the lost weeks. Quiet a bummer, I was looking forward to this.

    I may swing buy either GC or Balau or both. We can do mamak, which would be good.

  6. Thanks for the update. I'm not playing in any tournaments, just running Heavy Gear demos, and I'll bus down to meet with my hosts there directly...

  7. Well at least we got Spore Con coming up..something to forward..yep, mamak's good, do lemme know when n where to meet. Geeezz I can't wait for Spore Con! Its goin to be a blast!


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