Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spore Road Trip

To recap on last night's meeting - so far we have 13 people on the list to Spore in June, out of which 8 will be there for the entire weekend, and the rest going home after the 40k tourney.

So the plan is:

Depart KL Friday morning, 10am. Arrive JB and check-in to hotel. Hang out, paint, eat, drink, sleep.

Early Saturday morning (real early), depart JB, cross the causeway and head towards the venue. Park, eat breakfast, be the first at the venue. Since at least 5 will be going back same day, we need to try to get the guys back to KL in 2 cars for the crossing.

The plan is not yet clear for the guys staying back for the second day, but we'll clear this action item in the next couple of weeks.

So far, we have the following cars in the convoy:
1. me (full with Jeff and Rizal. I do suggest no more than 3 per car)
2. Khairul Effendy
3. Dann Toh

Please contact these people if you need a ride. So far, all the cars that have volunteered are planning to stay in Singapore for 2 days.

We need volunteers for at least 2 more cars please. Ideally, these are the 2 cars that will be only making a day trip into Singapore.

Outstanding action items:
1. Complete registration
2. Complete army lists and mail them
3. Volunteers for 2 more cars
4. Hotel booking for JB
5. For the guys staying in Singapore, we need 1 more meet to determine plan of action there

And finally, a reminder - please make sure you have valid passports with at least 6 months validity left on it. Good Luck!


  1. Hey, how'd I miss out on this? Oh, that's right. I don't play 40K. But I'd like to come down to SPORE as well...Whom should I speak to?


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