Monday, May 11, 2009

Reminder: Deadline for Spore 2009 40k Tourney

Just a reminder that the deadline for registration to the Spore 2009 40k tourney is 31st May. I do strongly suggest that if you haven't done so yet, please confirm your registration ASAP to avoid any disappointment (i.e, us Legio folk aren't the only ones attending the tourney). Just drop by hobby night and go see Azlan to confirm your registration.

Also, the deadline for army lists for the same tournament is 31st May. You may mail your army list directly to the tournament organizer in the email provided in the rules pack. Remember to make the presentation of the army list pimp. For a useful template, young Jo has prepared this for us:

As the time for battle approaches I know each one of you are super-busy modeling, painting, trying out army builds, engaging in training and manouvers, building the terrain piece for the terrain comp, etc. I'm totally stoked myself. 5 weeks to go, including this one. OMG, still got 16 bikes and the Master to paint! Good luck everyone!

Deathkorps Update: If you're having problems downloading this file, you can get it directly from Legio Malaysia:



  1. how come I can't download the file?..4shared just kept me on 'waiting list' but nothing comes out..

  2. ya, that's the problem with sites like 4shared - it's best effort basis. I'll see what I can do to host the file somewhere else. In the meantime, keep trying. Or ask me or Jo to email you a copy

  3. very wll then, could you please email to me? thanks :p

  4. Email me a copy of the file and I'll post it on my Adeptus Malaysia site for download...


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