Friday, September 4, 2009

So, who's coming?

Hobby Night should be a good time tonight. I'm making progress with The Unclean, and tonight I'm going to build a Chaos Rhino with extra armor. I'm also planning on basecoating a bunch of plague zombies and maybe a Terminator or two. Good times...

If you wish to reply to this thread as your RSVP, you may do so. Otherwise, please make sure you email Azlan or me before 5 PM today. Otherwise, no hobby for you!



  1. I'm in. A bit later this time....haven't i been saying that all this time and manage to turn up at arnd 8?????

  2. tentatively i'll be there. gonna discuss table ideas :D

  3. Me me!

    Lan, help get my Fiends yea?
    (Alvin said he'll be meeting you at CM today)

  4. ya, was supposed to go to CM, but couldn't make it


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