Friday, September 11, 2009

To Arms! The Liberation of Arenxis Minoris

Sitting in the far galactic south, Arenxis Minoris is perhaps the most remote forge world amongst the realms of the Emperor. While not as developed and well-defended as other more well known forge worlds such as Gryphonne IV, Arenxis Minoris is an important link in the Imperium's forge chain nonetheless, and is home to billions of loyal souls.

But now the vile forces of Chaos have descended upon its hapless populace. The meagre planetary defence forces were utterly outclassed, outgunned and outmanouvered, and Arenxis Minoris fell within days to the deprivations of Chaos.

Now it is up to you, the brave men and women of the Imperial Guard, the Adeptus Astartes, the Adeptus Sororitas and all loyal forces of the Imperium, to make planetfall and purge it of all Chaos presence. The salvation of billions of subjects of the Emperor is in your hands.

This will be a 4- to 6-week campaign, using the Planetary Empires system with some minor tweaks to adapt to the background story. More details will be released soon, but for now I can share with you the following:
- There will be 2 factions - Chaos and Imperium. Orks and Dark Eldar will side with Chaos. Eldar and Tau can take either side (but cannot change sides mid-campaign). I don't know about Necrons and Nids yet.
- All battles must be played at Legio. Campaign commences October 2nd.
- Campaign battles can count as League games, provided that for that particular game you use the list you submitted for the league registration, and you play against another league player whom you haven't played against yet. Obviously, campaign-specific rules and effects will not come into play for campaign games that are also league games. More on that later.
- For more info, come talk to me at Hobby Nite ...


  1. The eldar of craftworld...still unknown...will come to aid the weak mon-keigh to purge Arakis...opps i mean Arenxis of all foul chaos contamination. After which we will then purge Arenxis of all mon-keigh presence!!!

  2. orks don't mind, so long as there's heads to bash. Waaarrghh!

  3. Death and Corruption shall mark the passage of The Unclean. Arenxis has met its doom...

  4. Sounds fun, but would it interfere with the league players who are in need of games?

    Of course sometimes I worry too much >.>

  5. Why worry when you have time for more fun.

    Have fun guys

  6. Shaz, you've GOT to be kidding with that post. At least, I sincerely hope you are...

  7. I'll be publishing a weekly newsletter called "The Aquila" that will recap the week's campaign action. You can download a teaser from the ad on the right side of the main page- you can't miss it! ;)

  8. dood, that teaser for the Aquila is nice! Thanks! Looking forward to picking up further copies over the next few weeks

  9. All I need are some battles fought, so there's "newsworthy" material to write about!

  10. @jeff: nice teaser. can't wait for news from the frontline soon.

    @lan: so, how to get into the action? any particular ritual/submission/sacrifice i need to offer to appease the organiserz? :)

  11. yes, you'll need to buy me 5 valkyries, paint em up to 'eavy metal standards then burn them in a huge bonfire while shouting "the emperor's a vegemite!" exactly 47.5 times at precisely 2:41am this Saturday morning.

    Other than that, just turn up at Legio with your Orkses and do battle. I'll write you up as confirmed on the Chaos side. In fact, I think you may have just got the last available spot.

  12. So Lan, who's who for this campaign?

  13. Right now, we got:

    1. Faizal - IG
    2. Rizal - Ultramarines 5th Company
    3. Arzmi - Daemonhunters
    4. Iqbal - Raven Guard
    5. Khairul E - Eldar of the unknown craftworld
    6. Azlan - Ravenwing

    1. Jeff - The Unclean
    2. Faizal Paxter - Chaos Space Marines
    3. Jo Soon - Daemons
    4. Doc - Orks
    5. Iz - Orks
    6. Dann - Eldar

    That's it.

  14. 12! Wow, big turnout for this beast! This is gonna be good...

  15. ya. I'm hoping does Death Guard instead, and swap him with Dann, so that the Eldar don't have to side with Chaos

  16. Iqbal! You better get your Alpha Legion ready for this campaign or I'll smite you!

  17. @lan: i'll doodle the 5 valks, shade them up a bit and burn them in a soda can...that way, the essence of the spirit will achieve the same thing.
    ...mumblemumble (incantation at work)

    ps: i'll spread the ash along Karak hiway on my way back to my hometown.

  18. Wow! Full house already? Sign me up if there is still a spot. Peter

  19. @executor ... sorry dude, no spots left for this time round ... i actually intended for it to be 4-per-side and had to expand the scope to include the total 12 people. you can join my next campaign.


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