Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Friday Evening is da Bestest ...

... because I get to hobby and hang with an amazing group of like-minded people in an amazing environment full of gaming tables, hobby tables, toy soldiers, and all of the nice things in life!

... because I got to arrive early and finish matt spraying the bastion, primed and basecoated the new bunker, drybrushed and highlighted the bunch of ruins, assembled and primed the campaign map, and got in a bloody game vs a bunch of blue-armored mon-keigh. All this and having to go home in the middle of it because a bunch of aunts and uncles invited themselves to the house for buka puasa!

... because the hobby table was so chock-full with Jeff and The Unclean (amazing progress! You gotta check out the mean Rhino and Predator - rusted and weathered as only Papa Nurgle can allow - and fast too - another Rhino with killer extra armor plates went from sprue to assembled and basecoated within minutes), Ceiran and the last of his Possessed (who also ended the night rolling some dice against da Orkses), Kai and his 15mm minis, Ivan and his Nurgle servants and Iqbal and his Nurgle servants (hmmm, smell a pattern emerging?), we had to open another hobby table to fit everyone in!

... because the dice rolling was hectic and furious, with Doc's lurvly Orkeses, Dann's deep blue Eldar, Rizal's glorious 5th Company, Faizal's up-and-coming IG, Arzmi's new and improved Daemonhunters, Alvin's Alpha romeos, Jo's Daemons, the return of Paxter and Peter and their Chaos Marines from the Warp along with Din's pointy-eared warhost, and the presence of Saleem and Khairul hovering table to table without an army and just hanging out and breathing it all in!

... because we got to hang out at the mamak after Hobby Nite trading war stories and talking about the upcoming campaign (and me realizing that more people than I thought are interested in it) and eat and drink some horribly unhealthy but tasty food and drink and basically extending the good times till the wee hours of the morning!

I lurv Hobby Nite!!! See you guys next week ...


  1. That hobby night absolutely kicked ass!!!

    It was great to see everyone, and it was a lot of fun hanging out at the hobby table and getting that Rhino done. Sweet!

  2. and one more thing, Happy Birthday Rizal!!! Long may you lead the glorious 5th into battle to mete the Emperor's will across the galaxy

  3. Thks Bro! Had a great birthday so far. My first mistress called me yesterday after being kidnapped by her husband for so long....and my second mistress wished me this morning. Gonna see her later tonite too...hahaha!

  4. Happy birthday Jit, excellent times!

    My minis were 15mm tall mecha, which means that the infantry, when I get some, will be 6mm (same scale as those tanks too)...

  5. hey jeff, nice work on the aquila newsletter :)

  6. Many thanks dude- the real thing will be even cooler once the campaign start and we have some real stories to tell...

  7. Yes it was a super nite!!! Good to see the crowd swelling again. So many battles being fought. Even more frantic action at the painting tables. So many new glorius army being tested for league 3. Here's hoping i wont be hovering around for next hobby nite.

    Prepare for the unveiling of my new craftworld this week!!! Prepare to meet your doom foul chaos spawns, insignificant rainbow colored mon-keighs, foul smelling green muscles with feet and whatever else in between...
    Your time is Nigh!!!

  8. Rainbow coloured mon-keighs? Lol the poor Space Marines :D

  9. The Unclean shall bring rot and decay to your pathetic Craftworld. Prepare to embrace your DOOM! Bwahahahaaaa!!!

  10. eldar?? isit dem panzies wot tastes like....err..i dunno, somefink like flower and mint?..ark, ark, ark. :)

  11. And I am going to unveil my Ultramarines Bastion... Now the 5th Company would have a tower of their own.

  12. wow @ khairul's army

    i've seen it

    and it truly is a gigantic step in khairul's painting skillz

    should bring ur old avengers and new ones bro

    such a huge leap

    although jeff not be worried, he is still the God of Painting

    sadly, army wise, nothing an EXTERMINATUS couldnt handle

  13. LOL you're supposed to back your brother up dude! I can't wait to see his Eldar...

  14. in real life we do back each other up

    but in the grim darkness of the future...

    there is only war


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