Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wild Card Tournament December 5th

All right, after a bit of discussion we've decided to go with Saturday, December 5th for the Wild Card Tournament. Unfortunately, Peter C. had to drop out of the League Championships due to work obligations, so here's where we stand now:

Iskazri, Faizal, and Joe are automatically in the finals, which will be held Saturday, December 12th at Battlefront. More details on that one coming soon.

In the meantime, a conditional invitation is extended to the following players, all of whom played at least the league minimum of six games:

Tay J.
Khairul E.
Azlan R.
Iqbal R.
Selvam S.
Arzmi D.
Alvin K.
Shazli M.
Ahmad Z.

I say "conditional", because to be eligible to compete in the Wild Card Tournament for the Marksman's Honour and a spot in the League Championships, your army MUST be fully painted AND based. Based means the bases must be painted and flocked at a minimum. Painting the bases green does not qualify for this, unless you glue flock on top (for instance). painted means all of the models show "painting effort" and have at least three colors. If you have any doubts whatsoever as to what "fully painted" or "based" mean, I strongly urge you to email me for clarification or post your question in this thread. If you show up with an army that does not meet these requirements, you will not be permitted to play in the tournament.

Scoring in the Wild Card Tournament is simple. You all will play in three rounds, using the standard Legio Swiss format. If we have an odd number of players, one randomly determined player in Round 1 will get a bye (worth 15 points). The bye for rounds 2 and 3 will be given to the player with the lowest overall score at that point in the tournament.

No appearance or sportsmanship scores will be taken for these matches. Once the tournament is over, you'll have scores for three games. These scores will be added together, and then we'll add your final regular season league average in Sportsmanship and Appearance to that for your total score. Highest score wins the tournament!

So, that's it folks. Please RSVP your attendance, or lack thereof. If you have any questions, post them up here or drop me an email.

Until then, good luck!


  1. Sorry Jeff I am obligation too.
    @Peter- What happened had the one army that could bring the orks to their knees and you can't sorry man.

  2. I'm in.

    As for Peter if I recall correctly he will be in the Phillipines for work.

  3. The saim-hann will be there. Heads will fall!!!
    Army fully painted and fully prepared.

  4. Alpha Legion ready to go kill anything. Luckily I'm fully painted and based.

    I will need to focus in order to kill effectively...

  5. yaiks, i thought peter can make it since is pushed to 12th dec. didn't know he needs to be at phillipines for so long.

    no worries peter! Kharn will gladly abide to the Warmaster Abaddon's command to represent Chaos wiping out the foes.


  6. oh man, I can't make it on the 12th, I'll be outstation, actually I've mentioned this before in a previous posting..kindly requesting Jeff to reschedule the finals?

  7. @Faizal- OK, we'll poll the finalists for the 19th and see if that works...

  8. @deathkorps: Thanks for the consideration bro, should everyone comfortable with 12th, then I have no choice to bow out from the finals, huhu..

  9. hmmm ... depending on the poll, we could see the grey knights take to the field!!!!

  10. @Spunkybass- How does the poll affect your grey knights? Er?

  11. The Sons of the Emperor shall be there to crush all the filthy Xenos, misguided Heretics and Imperial lackeys..

  12. so says the Renegade Ultramarines..

  13. Aaaarrgh!!! I'll be back on 09 Jan 2010 ! Really miss Gaming. All i get to do here is get pulled along into Bars with hot chicks and drink lotsa beer.

  14. ya, that sounds a whole load of hardship peter .. lol


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