Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wow! A Regular Hobby Nite!

i.e., no campaign to execute, no league games to pursue, and no tight terrain schedule to chase! Just a bunch of friends hanging out, rolling dice, talking shop and having a great time. Nice!

Jeff and I went off for a couple of rounds of Paulaner before arriving at the Legio to kick things off. Jeff has a highly-detailed chaplain to paint, and I have some dice to roll. Subhan came first, and his Daemons and my Brandenburgers fought a Firesweep mission off Cities of Death. It's been years since I played that, and guys, CoD is just amazing! I know a lot of you guys have never tried CoD before - and you're missing out. Catch me next Hobby Nite for some urban fun (or anybody else with the CoD book).

Tourney champ Soo Jin and Kong arrived to do battle, and I know they also talked hobby stuff with Jeff afterwards. Redeye was there too - did you play any games? Anyways, when Iz, Khairul, Arzmi, Faizal, Iqbal, Ivan, Shazli and Dann (yes, he found his way out of the Warp) arrived, we went into a long-delayed much-needed members meeting. And I must say it's probably the best most productive members meeting we've had ever since Legio was founded. Amen!

After that, it was back to dice-rolling for me! Nahri was around with his Liebstandarte, and seeing another German Grey IG army, the Brandenburgers just had to get into action. We originally wanted to play a scenario off CoD, but since Nahri has never played CoD before, and we were running low on time, we decided to just play a standard 40k game on the city table. And I must say it's one of the most fun 40k games I've played in a long time. IG on IG is just excellent. Lots of close quarters firefights (urban terrain), lots big explosions and only 2 assaults in the entire battle. It was also a great contrast in terms of army themes and play-style.

We wrapped much later than we intended, we were tired (exhausted) but really really happy. I lurv Hobby Nite! Really looking forward to the next one!


  1. Yes it was kinda of regular compared to previous hobby nites. A sense of calm after the storm. The meet was productive. Time to decide on a new army for next year. Stil undecided.

  2. Personally, I enjoyed the break from prep and terrain madness. I also got a lot of progress achieved with my Chaplain which was great!


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