Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chicken, Anyone?


That model really tempts me, and I know Azlan's Thousand Sons would look pretty damn cool hanging out with this guy. Personally, I think this is the coolest Greater Demon they've done yet.

What do you guys think?

Wild Card Tournament December 5th

All right, after a bit of discussion we've decided to go with Saturday, December 5th for the Wild Card Tournament. Unfortunately, Peter C. had to drop out of the League Championships due to work obligations, so here's where we stand now:

Iskazri, Faizal, and Joe are automatically in the finals, which will be held Saturday, December 12th at Battlefront. More details on that one coming soon.

In the meantime, a conditional invitation is extended to the following players, all of whom played at least the league minimum of six games:

Tay J.
Khairul E.
Azlan R.
Iqbal R.
Selvam S.
Arzmi D.
Alvin K.
Shazli M.
Ahmad Z.

I say "conditional", because to be eligible to compete in the Wild Card Tournament for the Marksman's Honour and a spot in the League Championships, your army MUST be fully painted AND based. Based means the bases must be painted and flocked at a minimum. Painting the bases green does not qualify for this, unless you glue flock on top (for instance). painted means all of the models show "painting effort" and have at least three colors. If you have any doubts whatsoever as to what "fully painted" or "based" mean, I strongly urge you to email me for clarification or post your question in this thread. If you show up with an army that does not meet these requirements, you will not be permitted to play in the tournament.

Scoring in the Wild Card Tournament is simple. You all will play in three rounds, using the standard Legio Swiss format. If we have an odd number of players, one randomly determined player in Round 1 will get a bye (worth 15 points). The bye for rounds 2 and 3 will be given to the player with the lowest overall score at that point in the tournament.

No appearance or sportsmanship scores will be taken for these matches. Once the tournament is over, you'll have scores for three games. These scores will be added together, and then we'll add your final regular season league average in Sportsmanship and Appearance to that for your total score. Highest score wins the tournament!

So, that's it folks. Please RSVP your attendance, or lack thereof. If you have any questions, post them up here or drop me an email.

Until then, good luck!

Monday, November 23, 2009

FYI: No Hobby Night this Friday

Almost forgot to mention this, folks. Because of the three day weekend, and the fact I could use an occasional break, there will be no Hobby Night held at Battlefront this Friday. Hobby Night will resume on Friday, December 4th at the usual time and place. For those who have those three days off, enjoy yourselves! I certainly will.

For those don't, what can I say? Sorry, dude.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Iron Painter...Who's Coming?

As many of you know, we had a club member meeting last Hobby Night. The primary topic of discussion was our future events schedule, and we came up with a few ideas. The one I'm most excited about is Iron Painter.

When I was still working for GW in the US, Iron Painter was the biggest event on my shop's calendar. It's a cool event, and we're doing it! Here's how it works:

Basically, it's an endurance painting event. In it's original concept, it's a 24 hour painting event, but for Legio we're keeping it instead to a managable 12 hours. You turn up to the event with at least 500 points of Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, or Flames of War miniatures. These models are assembled, based, and may be primed in one color. This force must consist of at least 20 models, and it must be a legal force. So, for instance, a 40K entry must consist of at least a HQ and 2 Troops selections from the codex of your choice.

You may not think it's possible, but in the "original" version it's 1000 points of models over 24 hours. Believe me, with a careful plan, a reasonable pallette, and dedication/focus, you CAN do it (and it not look like ass!) :)

So, join us on Saturday, February 20th for some painting madness. Clock starts at 10 AM sharp, and ends at 10 PM on the nose. Those who finish will be forever known as a Legio Iron Painter, and the winner (determined by popular vote) will get a Purity Seal for their well deserved victory.

Who's interested? Post and discuss!

EDIT: Assuming we get enough basic attendance, there will be three other "sub awards" available should you choose to be crazy enough to try them:

"Iron Skull"- Paint a 1000 point army of at least 30 models in the alloted time.

"Iron Halo"- Start the competition with all of your models sealed inside blisters and boxes- loose sprues and metal may not be used for this (as you could have prepped/cleaned them beforehand).

"Adamantium Mantle"- Complete requirements for both Iron Halo AND Iron Skull.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wow! A Regular Hobby Nite!

i.e., no campaign to execute, no league games to pursue, and no tight terrain schedule to chase! Just a bunch of friends hanging out, rolling dice, talking shop and having a great time. Nice!

Jeff and I went off for a couple of rounds of Paulaner before arriving at the Legio to kick things off. Jeff has a highly-detailed chaplain to paint, and I have some dice to roll. Subhan came first, and his Daemons and my Brandenburgers fought a Firesweep mission off Cities of Death. It's been years since I played that, and guys, CoD is just amazing! I know a lot of you guys have never tried CoD before - and you're missing out. Catch me next Hobby Nite for some urban fun (or anybody else with the CoD book).

Tourney champ Soo Jin and Kong arrived to do battle, and I know they also talked hobby stuff with Jeff afterwards. Redeye was there too - did you play any games? Anyways, when Iz, Khairul, Arzmi, Faizal, Iqbal, Ivan, Shazli and Dann (yes, he found his way out of the Warp) arrived, we went into a long-delayed much-needed members meeting. And I must say it's probably the best most productive members meeting we've had ever since Legio was founded. Amen!

After that, it was back to dice-rolling for me! Nahri was around with his Liebstandarte, and seeing another German Grey IG army, the Brandenburgers just had to get into action. We originally wanted to play a scenario off CoD, but since Nahri has never played CoD before, and we were running low on time, we decided to just play a standard 40k game on the city table. And I must say it's one of the most fun 40k games I've played in a long time. IG on IG is just excellent. Lots of close quarters firefights (urban terrain), lots big explosions and only 2 assaults in the entire battle. It was also a great contrast in terms of army themes and play-style.

We wrapped much later than we intended, we were tired (exhausted) but really really happy. I lurv Hobby Nite! Really looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

RSVP here, yo...

Tomorrow will be a nice night, of that I have no doubt. The Inquisition Wars are done, as is the league, so I can take a break! I'll be painting and modeling on the hobby table, feverishly working to build and paint the Flesh Tearers army I've dreamed about... :)

How about you guys? Khairul has threatened to join me for painting, but between me and you guys I don't think he can resist the "call of the dice". He'll be playing a game inside 30 minutes of showing up he he he...

Also, MEMBERS! Don't forget we're going to have a honest to goodness meeting tomorrow evening at around 8:00 PM or so. You have some cool ideas? Be sure to bring them up at the meeting. We all have a voice- let's use them constructively!

Monday, November 16, 2009

40K Season 3 Regular Season a Wrap!

Scroll down and check it out. For those too lazy, here's the spoiler:

Peter, Iskazri, and Faizal are going to the League Championships currently scheduled for Saturday, December 4th. Congratulations guys!

There are eleven other players, highlighted in yellow, who are invited to compete in the Wild Card Tournament being held on Saturday, November 28th. You have until then to make sure your army is fully painted AND based. The winner of this tournament will earn the Markman's Honour and the final spot in the League Championships.

The five players in red (including myself, unfortunately) have not completed the league minimum games, and therefore are not ranked, not invited to the finals, and are not eligible for any awards. :(

Please let me know if any results are missing and we'll see about getting it sorted. Otherwise, get ready for the Wild Card!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Inquisition Wars have been fought...

What a tourney!

We had everything you'd want in a tournament- nice looking armies, some good table/terrain variety, and hair raising scenarios that had everyone running for cover and killing each other in equal measure.

There was also a "team" aspect to this tournament, the "Red Team" and the "Black Team" representing armies that were manipulated into fighting for two rival Inquisitors. Black players were only seeded against Red players, and vice versa. It made for some fun/different matchups, and "Red Team" gets bragging rights as the highest overall score holders. In the results below, the color of the player represents which team they were on.

It was also great to see a good sized contingent from Singapore turn out for the fun, and they ended up running off with two of the three trophies of the day. Here's the winners:

Tournament Champion: Lim Soo Jin
Best Sportsman: Ang Hongxi
Best Appearance: Quek Tsui Chiang

Congratulations to all the participants, particularly the guys that were in their first tournament! Also, a very special thanks to the guys that helped make this tournament possible with their assistance:

Saleh, the best Tourney Grot I've had yet!

Ivan and Iqbal- budding Tech Priests that helped with the creation of the cityfight table and the cool purple "Mars" table and assisted with the scatter terrain

Azlan, Alvin, Khairul, and Faizal for helping assemble and paint scatter terrain

Seriously guys, MANY thanks for your volunteerism. This tournament would not have been as cool as it was without your help.

Complete results below, and pics pending...

Edit: Azlan has posted a ton of pics on his blog- check them all out HERE

Wong40K has also posted some nice pics. Check them out here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BIG Hobby Night tomorrow- RSVP here!

Tomorrow promises to be a big Hobby Night- it's the last day of the Season 3 40K League regular season. Last chance to get those games in! And, if that weren't reason enough to show, Saturday we're running our second biggest event of the calendar year: The Inquisition Wars 40K Tournament. Friday will be your last chance to playtest, paint, and scheme your way to a Purity Seal on Saturday.

We'll have two new tables done tomorrow night as well- a dedicated Cities of Death concrete sprawl, and the strange adamantium oxide wastes of a forgotten world in the Halo Stars. Doc, you'll love this table! ;) Those two, along with a table sent to us from Battlefront HQ in NZ, adds up to 13 complete gaming tables. That's pretty freakin' cool if you ask me! So, saddle up and grab yer figs. It's gaming time, and the action's going to be hot tomorrow night at Hobby Night...

Who's coming?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Are You Ready for the Carnage?

The Inquisition Wars tournament is but days away. People are toiling away at their armies, furiously assembling and painting, and learning how they can most effectively command their armies on the tabletop.

I have not seen any of the army lists (because my mech infantry will be in the fray for the glory of Brandenburg and the Imperium!), but I do know that a myriad of armies will be taking part, including a healthy dose of the Space Wolves. I believe nearly all (if not all) 40k factions are represented (are there any Tau or Necrons? not sure about that one) and this time, there is also a strong delegation from Singapore, with more than twice the number of Singaporean armies compared to last year.

At the time I'm writing this, I still have some work to do on my army. The Chimeras all need to be cleaned up with proper markings and numbers, 2 tank commanders need to be painted, my little medic needs a paintjob, I got 2 "proper" meltagunners to paint to replace 2 old (not so nice) conversions, and Major Schaeffer to touch up. Assuming I get all that done, I may just paint more of the classic metal Cadians to fill the ranks of my veterans - but that's a huge maybe.

So how are you guys doing? The Inquisition waits for no one. Are you ready?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

RSVP Thread

It's that time of the week again, folks. We're only a day away from miniature carnage, chicken, and tasty beverages. Tomorrow also marks the first day of the last week of the league regular season (already??!!)

I'll be there as usual, working on tables like a madman and generally getting things ready for the upcoming tournament in a little over a week... Speaking of tournament action, FAQ #2 will be going up no later than this evening, addressing some more questions recently asked...

So, who's coming?