Saturday, April 10, 2010

Many a Furious Battle!

What an amazing Hobby Nite! There literally were battles raging in every corner, from the magical times of the Old World, to the horrific battlefields of 41st millennium, and into desperate battles in deep space in the grim darkness of the far future.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the unveiling of Legio's first purpose-built BFG table, courtesy of the labour, love and talents of Legio's 2009 40k Tournament Champion Soo Jin and Forgemaster General Jeff Brooks. This table is nothing short of amazing, and I do hope the pics below do some justice to it. But really, you got to come see it for yourself.

In honor of his selfless service to the hobby and Legio (and without expecting anything in return), we saw it fit to award Soo Jin with a Hobby Champion purity seal. This makes it his second purity seal! Well done Soo Jin! Ave!

Legio was pretty packed, and aside from Jeff, Khairul and I, Alvin, Doc, Rizal, Ivan, Iqbal, Joe, Ceiran, Nick, Jade, Soo Jin, Kong, Syamael, Shazli and a whole bunch of people were there. Forgive me if I left out some names, I was kinda ... distracted.

I was caught up in 3 battles back-to-back which completely absorbed my attentions. The first battle introduced Ceiran and Doc to BFG. That was huge fun, and I must say the new admirals do have a talent for interstellar battles. The second was against Nick's nicely painted Eldar fleet, in which the Eldar narrowly won in a bitterly fought battle. My last game of the night was back on land, in an excellent scenario from the Battle Missions book which pit my Eldar against Dann's Nids. You gotta try those Battle Missions scenarios - they are awesome! I don't think I'll be playing any BBB missions until much much later, if ever.

The Forgemaster General was busy finishing some asteroid fields - pity he didn't get a game in, as I was looking forward to see how his Unclean fleet performs in the field. I saw 2 armies that I haven't seen in awhile - Rizal's scary IG, and Shazli's Ultramarines. Jo revealed some of his new Nids. And amidst all the shouts and howls and glories of 40k and Fantasy, Khairul also ran another BFG taster game and that was brilliant, as budding admirals and captains got their first taste of deep space battles.
Anyways, by the time Hobby Nite was over, and me and Dann were packing away our stuff and shutting down the Legio, we were all very tired - but utterly happy! I lurv Hobby Nite!


  1. It was truly an awesome night. One that will truly be remembered for the cool new bfg table.

    Ave Legio!!!

  2. It pretty amazing how a 4x6ft table can blow our brains out. Almost everyone's eyes were popping out when they saw the BFG table. There are almost 10 Legio members getting into the bloodshed of BFG and almost half of them because of the cool table and the ultra cool bases(thanks Jeff). So prepare for more blood and gore at Legio this year.

  3. It was a fun night, and man that BFG table was awesome! I honestly believe if we had one table like that in every GW shop, BFG would flourish.

    I know that two more players are planning on joining, Nahri and Zaki from Comics Mart. Great to see the game growing here :D

  4. yeah2 tanx for sum1 (yes im speaking about you <mr mysterious) for poisoning my hive brain with bfg stuff. Now i cant stop my eyes from sparkling to create a nids ship....

  5. Where can I see more pictures?

  6. That was a really cool night- I'm pleased how well the gas grill lava rocks worked out for asteroids! :)

    This coming Friday I'm getting in a game of BFG no matter what!!

  7. @zaki- pray tell who that mysterious guy is :)
    A nid fleet would really be cool and add flavour to the bfg scene.

    @Jeff- next hobby nite should really be big with bfg. We should try a 2k followed by demos for budding admirals.

  8. hopefully my fleet will arrive by next week..have been waiting for them for so long..

  9. @saleh ... more pics of my fleet on my blog ... also, jeff and khairul have a bunch of pics of their fleets on that table too ... watch their blogs over the next couple of days


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