Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brace! Brace! Brace!

That was simply an awesome Hobby Nite! I managed to get in early and started working on some new models, while Jeff finished up some of his excellent BFG stuff. Then as Nick, Soo Jin, Kong and Khairul arrived, all hell started to break loose!

Soo Jin brought his freshly painted Space Marine fleet - complete with battle barge, strike cruisers and escorts. I think about 1500pts worth, and last week he didn't have a single ship too. Nick's Eldar fleet looks amazing, and his new bases really complement the models. Khairul's fleet had some new additions and some custom jobs too. And I don't know how many games he played, but he ran a good few on the main BFG table.

Arzmi and Doc arrived early too and I think they got some good fantasy action in. A couple of faces we haven't seen in awhile turned up - Shazli and his sons of Ultramar, Subhan and his daemons, lexxus and his Chaos marines. Alvin took a wrong turn and ended up near some brewery, but he arrived safely eventually. Iqbal was extremely happy with that - Alvin brought his long-awaited Eldar fleet - and he spent the rest of Hobby Nite assembling one of his new sleek ships.

Jeff and I squared off in a massive 2000pt game - my Farquhar battle squadron against his Unclean. We used the campaign and set up rules to familiarize ourselves for the upcoming BFG campaign (that kicks off next week). As usual, the BFG game completely absorbed me, and once we started rolling off for battlefield set-up, I had no idea what went on outside of the game. I know Syamael was there, and so was Ivan, Kadir and Iz, but my full attention was on the battle.

The battle itself was awesome! An all-out Fleet Engagement in which Jeff's Chaos gained the upper-hand early on, but by sheer brute force, the Imperial Navy truimphed in the end. Losses were heavy on both sides - I lost a destroyer squadron and a cruiser and 3 more were crippled, Jeff lost 2 cruisers and a grand cruiser with his frigate squadron and another cruiser crippled.

Anyways, by the time Hobby Nite was over, I was completely tired - but totally happy. And I'm totally looking forward to the Arenxis Burns! BFG campaign which kicks off next week. I lurv Hobby Nite!


  1. Fantastic writeup! That was my first BFG game in a looong time, and it was great. It's great to have a 2K + fleet done and gamed with.

    Stay on the lookup for a certain campaign newsletter... ;)

  2. Actually, at one point of the night, there was some games of 40K, Fantasy, BFG and Infinity played at the same time. Boy, sure it was one hell of a hobby night.

    I also managed to get a game of Fantasy in, while also assembling a Shadow Cruisers and 2 Hellebore Fighters. Hopefully by next week I could arrive with a painted fleet.

  3. It was truly an AWESOME nite!!!

    But just more week to go for me...sigh. And just when it's starting to get even better...

    You guys are so lucky :)

  4. Can I apply for the "Genestealer Hunter" role? Boy oh boy, can't wait to be issued a gun!

    - Doesn't even know what a Genestealer can do...



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