Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Tournament News from SPORE 2010

More news! :)

I've just been emailed the Warhammer and Flames of War tournament rules from Damien @ Paradigm Infinitum. I've added them to the Legio Librarium, so click on the links below to grab 'em.

SPORE 2010 Flames of War Rulepack

SPORE 2010 Warhammer Rules Pack

What do you guys think of these? Who's planning on going? Discuss below...


  1. The FoW tournament looks really interesting, but unfortunately I'm out of this year's Spore due to work

    who's going?

  2. Could we have the whole event schedule?
    Still looking for a purpose to make my travel down to Spore-Con this year to be worth it.


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