Saturday, April 2, 2011

Furious Dice, Curious Moves and Even More Curious Projects.

Last night's Hobby Nite was amazingly interesting. It started quietly enough with a quick trip to the friendly neighbourhood watering hole serving quality beverages, just perfect for some intense wargames hobby talk. I must say that's an excellent to start proceedings. Then back to the Legio hobby room! Jeff got to work on the next version of his Flesh Tearers, somehow inspired by the eye candy in White Dwarf. I believe he was experimenting with paints and colors and by the end of the night he had something really nice going. Looking forward to seeing the rest of that army done. Chang arrived later with even more loot for the Flesh Tearers project - looks serious. Iqbal had an equally curious project on the hobby table. Something like 26 Fire Dragons or so. Haven't seen that done before. Also saw some of the conversion work he's working on - dude, nice job! Over at the gaming tables, a veteran of the Great Balau Wars emerged from the Warp. It's been awhile since we've seen him, and Jo's Blood Angels were looking good (including a rather large model WIP which he brought but did not use). He played 2 games - his blood-crazed mon-keigh easily eating up my Alaitoc Rangers in a KP game, before being himself being eaten up by Dann's ever-hungry Nids. I had a game with Dann's Nids too, and that was pretty funny - stuff like infiltrating Scorpions starting the battle deep behind the Nid line (and pretty much causing much mayhem and earning MVP), Swooping Hawks killing one of them mama gaunt-factory things in close combat and oft-confused Wraithlords. I love this new no-tank list of mine. Anyways, we finished pretty late - I realized I was up like 22 hours by the time we packed up. That was a total blast. Tiring, but excellent. And totally looking forward to the next Hobby Nite.


  1. ...err...except for those who read my blog, now everyone knows what's coming their way...hahaha...

    so guys, be prepared for Craftworld Ilfirin...the spark has been ignited, and by Fuegan, everything will burn!

  2. So Lan.. you beats Dann who beats Joe who beats you. Wow hahaha

    I'll try to come this coming hobby night. My 13th Co. needs more practice.

  3. lol ... ya, everybody won ... and lost.

    Looking forward to see the 13th Company. Let's see how many seconds my Wraithlords can survive.

  4. Glad to hear you guys are still having fun. I should drop by some time.

  5. Indeed you should. Haven;t seen you in ages. You thinking of taking up FoW? I've got a couple thousand points ever ready


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