Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spore 2011 is Nigh!

Spore 2011 is literally round the corner - 28th and 29th May. The 40k tourney is a two-day 'ard boyz deal - yes, we can already smell the lists! :) Painting and sportsmanship will count in tie-breakers, but hey, don't take my word for it - download the rules pack in our downloads section and have fun!

The Fantasy tournament will be held on 29th May, with some fancy prizes, including a slab of cheese. Again, download the rules pack here and have a blast!


  1. How many people booked their rooms already?

  2. err..since the 40K is a knockout tournament instead of Swiss, most of us are reconsidering to go there..
    probably joining the Fantasy one instead..

  3. Huh, according to the SPORE 2011 40K rules pack they said the following.

    "The Grand Tournament is played over six rounds, split over two days. We will be using the Swiss tournament format, where players will be organised into 4 'brackets' of 8, and the winners of each match will proceed to play against other winners in the bracket until we have a clear winner. Only three rounds will be played on the first day.

    The top eight players from the first day will proceed to the second day's rounds of the Grand Tournament. "

    Where did you hear that it will be knockout instead of swiss on the first day?

  4. We didn't hear that. However, not everyone gets to play on the second day, hence the knockout reference. It is not like a standard GT where everyone gets to play the total number of matches held. One of the concerns is making arrangements for a two day stay, and then being eliminated in one day and having no further part of the tourney on day 2.


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