Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kindred II : Heroes wrap up

All hail the Winners of Kindred II : Heroes !!!
What a glorious time we had at K2.
This year marks the second running of the Legio’s Kindred tourney franchise and I’m very happy to say that it was quite a success.
We had 28 brave souls who participated in the madness, mayhem and super fun that Kindred have been known for. From the start of the registration, to the end of the prize giving ceremony, smiles and laughter was aplenty!!!
When Arzmi and I discussed the concept of the first Kindred (K1) tourney, the first thing that we wanted to achieve was to ensure that everyone had fun participating in the event. We wanted Kindred to be a laid back, put your hair down, unserious and wacky tournament environment. We wanted beginners and veteran gamers to meet and play. We wanted hobbyist and powergamers to enjoy themselves.
We were very happy with the response we got from players who participated in K1 and decided that Kindred 2 (K2) just had to happen.
For K2 we wanted the event to be even more fun and wacky; if that was even possible…
That’s why for K2, we came up with a theme…hence the official name of Kindred II : Heroes. This time we wanted you to be the main character in the event!! And to help you in that endeavor we introduced ….jeng, jeng, jeng…..the Expendables.
I’m sure all of you had a blast conceptualizing and then making your Expendables a reality. We saw some really jaw dropping awesome Expendables at K2.
For those among you who were not too tied up with playing during K2, you might have noticed that the mission for K2 (and even K1) had a Bro theme to it. This was intentional and meant to add spice to the doubles event. How many of you actually Highed 5s your partner during the first mission J??
I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few individual without whom K2 could never have been a reality.
1. Mr. Jeff ‘Awesome Forgemaster’ Brooks
THE MAN at Battlefront Malaysia and also Legio Malaysia 1st Officer for all his assistance from planning to executing K2. Who would have thought that he would be our number crunching grot during the tourney…that’s how awesome the guy is. Thanks bro!!
2. Mr. Alvin ‘Hobby Forge Owner’ Khaw
For generously picking up the tab for the delicious (sebab free) pizza lunch.
3. My Bro, the Lord Inquisitor etc etc etc Arzmi
Thanks for organizing this event with me. We sure had fun didn’t we bro.
And finally, to each and every one of you who participated in K2!! We truly appreciate the effort that you took in assembling your forces and getting them all nicely painted for the event. 28 painted 750 + 5 Expendables on the display tables was truly a sight to behold.
Congratulations to all the winners especially Kindred II : Heroes Tournament Champion, James & Zaki. Their Blood Angels and Tryanids force was magnificient!! The fluff was captivating, their Expendables amazing and their models were very beautifully painted. It’s no wonder that they won multiple awards.
But in the end Everyone's a winner at K2 J
We hope you had fun and appreciate all comments.
Hope to see you next year at K3 : Reve……………………….

K2 winners list.
Tournament Champion + Legio Purity Seal -- Best overall score for hobby (not including VP) -- James & Zaki
The Inquisition Award -- Runners' up -- Alvin & Joe
The Saim Hann Award -- 2nd runners' up -- Carl & Boon Kin
Best Sportsmanship Award -- most SM voted by opponents -- Iqbal & Rizal
People's Choice Award -- voted by peers -- Carl & Boon Kin
People's Expendables Award -- Expendables voted by peers -- Carl
Best General Award -- most VP -- Cikgu Din & Syameal
The Inglorious Bastards Award -- team with best Expendables; voted by judges -- James & Zaki
The Kick Ass Expendable Award -- 2nd best Expendable; voted by judges -- Alvin & Joe
Best Banner Award -- individual award voted by judges -- Carl
The Librarian Award -- Best team fluff -- James & Zaki
The Chuck Norris Award -- most KP -- Alvin & Joe
The IP Man Award -- 2nd most KP -- Chris & Quek
The U.N. Peacekeeping Award -- least KP -- Chang & Wong Libb

The Ibram Gaunt Award -- team with most wounded HQs -- Edward & B Lee
The Ciaphas Cain Award -- team with the least wounded HQs -- Chris & Eric

The Lexicanum Award -- mid 3 teams -- Redeye & Wong
The Codicier Award -- mid 3 teams -- Robert & Ivan
The Epistolary Award -- mid 3 teams -- Subhan & Najmi

The Die Hard Award -- bottom 3 teams -- Oskazri & Shazli
The Die Hard with a Vengeance Award -- bottom 3 team -- Kee & Vern
The Live Free or Die Hard Award -- bottom 3 teams -- Chang & Wong Libb
I survived the Blood Angels Cheese Award -- played 3 rounds against BA force -- Iqbal & Rizal
(*bold awards are Main Awards presented at K2.)


  1. K3: Revenge, or is it K3: Revelations..

    either way, perhaps before that, there will be a Rampage or an Unholy Alliance in between..

    I've posted the pics on my FB page, the link is in your thread at the 40K forum..just happened to be lucky that this small town I'm in at the moment has a very stable internet access..

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  3. You guys are all HEROES!!! looks awesome

  4. No high 5 for my HQ as he hiding inside a Stormraven.

  5. I like the fact that every participants were well awarded. It has style and appealing for future participants to join. Kudos to Mr Handsome Khairul and Inquisitor etc etc Arzmi!

  6. You guys did a great job! So, when's K3...? ;)

  7. I would like to say thanks to the all the players who have been supportive of a newbie like me and carl, and the organisers who worked hard just to make the event happen.

    Viva Legio !


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