Thursday, May 19, 2011

RSVP/40k League Season Four Rules Pack ...

... is now available for download! Also available is the Results Form for you to report your league game results. To download both, just click on the document name in the Downloads section on the right-hand side of this page. Registration starts tomorrow, and we'll keep taking on registrations until June 10th.

Who will be Season 4 League Champion and Purity Seal winner? And will there be a new League Fanatic for Season 4? Tune in ...

Late addition- go ahead and RSVP here for tonight's hobby night! :)


    Finally, a solid reason for continuity of my K2 army..

    @arzmi: my compressor, please :D

  2. The Wildhost will be there in a new form. The Marksman and best painted will ours again!!!

    For sanguinus and the emperor!!!

  3. I shall be comming this evening. Most likely i shall bring my dinner there also.

  4. Hopefully can come tonight. This time with my Raven Guard.

  5. So, is that an RSVP "Yes", or.....?

  6. Sorry folks but we've got to call tonight off! I'm feeling horrible, Azlan can't make it, and Khairul can't turn up until much later. Sorry if it's inconvenient for you guys, but we'll be back next week!


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