Saturday, May 28, 2011

Season 4 Kicks Off to a Daemonic Start!

Elements of IG, xenos and the daemonic battled it out last night in the kick off to Season 4 of the Legio 40k League.

The first game of the season was between my IG and Subhan's Daemons, on a daemonic-looking table. The moment the dice cocked as shown in the picture above (this was not staged, I needed a 6 to score a wound, and the dice stopped just like that - and stayed like that long enough for me and Subhan to rush outside and call Iqbal, Jeff and Khairul over to witness this decidedly daemonic moment. Iqbal and I even managed to take a few picures of it. And it never fell by itself. I actually had to pick it up off the table ... spooky), we knew it was going to be a daemonic night.

Subhan's Daemons won twice - beating my IG (and he only had 1500pts too) and Iqbal's Eldar. My Brandenburgers took revenge on Khairul's Eldar and exterminated the vile xenos! I'm not sure how the battle ended between the 2 Eldar. Btw, these results are not official until we see the official standings below.

Bloody start to the new season ...

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