Thursday, May 5, 2011

RSVP Time - The Wildhost is back in Town!!!

Whose up for another night of dice rolling mayhem and hobbying goodness?

Luckily my air cargo from Lustria arrived yesterday via the web portal so anyone thinking of stealing some ancient magical lustrian gold is advised to bring an extra pair of underwear. Make that two.

Unfortunately, the sea webways are rough so Battlefleet Vigilance will be delayed for at least another 3 weeks. Rest assured that when it does arrive, hulls will be breached.

Besides that i'll be spending time at the hobby tables with my spanking new 72 piece vallejo paint set painting an apothecary and 2 sang priests.

And let's not forget the wholesome hobby discussions. We have a birthday bash to plan :)

See you there guys!!!


  1. Our brother returns at last! Huzzah!

    I will be there, painting away at my Flesh Tearers and planning the mayhem that will be the Legio Birthday...

  2. Might pop in for some Fallen hunting !

  3. Due to mistake on my part(getting old), the lizardmen will be a no show tonite :(

  4. Just a heads up everyone- we will not be staying open super late tonight. Legio will be closed up no later than 11 PM, so please plan your drive here and gaming accordingly :)


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