Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghemehaal: Annihilation Starts Today

Campaign players, please RSVP up here and let us know approximately when you are going to get here. The earlier the better! :)

Everyone else, you're more than welcome to come as well. Just RSVP and you're all set. Also folks, don't forget to grab and miniatures, games, terrain, etc. that you may have left here. Next Friday it all belongs to us!! Muahahaahahahaa!!!


  1. lord arzmi etc etc will be arriving via rhino transport piloted by iqbal

  2. hmm..suddenly I have the power to make the Grey Knights missing from the battlefield..hahaha :D

    the minimally three-coloured Inquisition will be there @ 8++

  3. I got my British Punjabi Regiment there...can someone please take care of it?


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