Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghemehaal : Annihilation Week 1 Update is on Youtube!

Here she be- our first ever video update. Enjoy folks, and by all means we'd love to hear your comments. If you haven't subscribed to the Adeptus Malaysia Youtube channel, be sure to do so! :)


  1. Am lost for words....

    Great vid production man!! Huge improvement over the campaign intro!!! You've outdone yourself yet again.

    Can't believe how far Legio Malaysia has developed over the years under the Forgemaster's undying efforts.

    Ave Legio!!!

    btw....whose that guy in the shades...hollywood will be looking for his agent soon hahahaha :)

  2. Glad you liked it dude :) It's really labor intensive, but it sure adds a lot to the campaign experience. I've got more things I want to do for future updates- time to start snapping more photos and getting more video!

  3. HOLY TERRA !! THAT IS AWESOME BROSKI !! best youtube vid...ever !!

  4. I'm lost for words dude! that is awesome! I'm chomping at the bit right now ... the Thousand Sons shall finally make their appearance! Onwards to Olin!!!

  5. WOOOOOOWW, this is amazing, it just sucks that i can not make it on fridays, cant wait to c how it turns out.
    yet again fantastic vid.

  6. I am lost for words.
    Hats off to you Jeff and I will be following the advance of both forces closely.
    Anyone knows what happened to Peter?

  7. top notch videoblog dude!
    sadly, that guy in the shades kinda ruin it a bit :p

    We're still waiting for the Thousand Sons to appear, it's about time they show up..Freedom for Ghemehaal!!!

  8. awesomeee,,with thousand son, alpha legion n the renegades joining in,,ghemehaal shall be ours,,we've OREDI capture the 1st city 'Olin' for the thousand sons to deploy,!! towards ******! KILL MAIM BURNNNN!!


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