Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super hobby night!!!

First of, apologies for the below standard quality pic. My Canon S95 camera is currently doing a sojourn in beautiful Bali so was using the Mrs' camera :)

Secondly, can't share too much about what happened during last night's Ghemehaal Annihilation week 3 campaign. We'll all just have to wait for Jeff to finish up the video. You just know that it'll be better than the last one.
(yes, i have to wait like everyone else too. No special previews for me....sigh)

But i just had to share what a great time i had. Am sure it was the same for all those who came to share in the experience. Hurrahs and high 5s and moans and groans were loud and aplenty last night :) !!!!

Only fair that we thank all those who came and made it special.
1. Syameal
2. Alvin
3. Cookie Yip
4. Redeye
5. Iqbal
6. Limp aka Goh
7. Chong Teng
8. Chong Teng's lovely friend/partner....who he conveniently forgot to introduce to everyone. I don't blame him.
9. Dann
10. Azlan
11. Jeff
12. Me, Khairul.
hmmm...did i forget anyone?

Tables were full of battles, Limp was at the hobby table, Chong (hopefully) was deciding which army to collect :). It was great fun.

I must say that using the Fow Firestorm Bagration campaign system is a truly immersing experience. The start to finish process of each week's battle really got everyone involved in the campaign setting. The picture above shows how intense and critical it is during end phase movements.

Very big shout out to Jeff for organizing and moderating the campaign. This is serious fun 40k campaign at it's best. Well done dude!!!

See you next week gentlemen.

Light will shine on Ghemehaal.


  1. I had a great time- awesome report! Turn 3 coming Thursday night/Friday morning... :)

  2. How awesome is the campaign?
    Well if Alvin can close shop and come there for a game or two....I am sure it is out of the world.

  3. Can't wait for the report! Looks like everyone had a real blast. =) Now more than ever I gotta get off my lazy butt and scout out the route to Legio.

  4. That was most excellent! The intrepid Thousand Sons, cut off and out of supply, BS and WS reduced by 1, held off hordes of invading rabid space vikings, killing their infidel lord and grim held on to the territory. Epic.

  5. I'm assuming Khairul will appear in the video with his trademark shades again? :P

  6. lol i just fully read this. nice one broski, when you care to give you've gotta care to receive right.

    anyway wish i was there, sounds like one of those awesome night full of nothing but fun, fun and capital FUN. i was stuck at home and was half-minded to play a game against myself but then realized i only have grey knights and fantasy empire, but i did anyway. was tight with draigo slaying 40 swordsman by himself but empire won by deepstriking a great cannon via stormraven and blowing up 2 land raiders, 1 dreadnought, and korsarrokhan in 1 shot. whoooop! lol

  7. Damn awesome is the word to describe it. Had a blast going against azlan thousand sons. Loved seeing the close combat that occurred in the mid section of the table.. Never imagine a single objective to be covered 2 vehicle.. GW must come out a rule saying if there are only 2 objective in play, they may not be place within 12" of table edge...hihihihi..lan..lan. But it was a superb game with lots of laugh. Both of us was not fighting for territory. but for the joy of destroying one another.


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