Thursday, January 19, 2012

Market Garden Wraps Up Tomorrow Night!

I've had a blast playing my brand spankin' new American Armored Rifle Company, and I know the rest of the guys have had a great time as well. The campaign could go either way tomorrow, so everyone playing make sure you get there! FYI folks the next Flames of War campaign we've got planned is Firestorm: Bagration, with Turn 1 starting the hobby night of May 4th. Get those German and Soviet armies painted up! :)

RSVP right here folks. Who's coming? What are you bringing? Post up here and tell us all about it!


  1. I'll be there, to wrap up some Allies.

  2. The Monmouthshires will give this party a miss this time round. Pity, as it was just starting to warm up to quite a rum thing, what. But I'm sure that between the Guards and even the Yanks, Jerry will sooner pack up and run off to Berlin. Cheero, God save the King and all that.

  3. 901 Panzergrenadierkompanie will defend the last line till the very end.


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