Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A bridge too far

Legio's Flames of War, Operation Market Garden campaign will be continuing with its penultimate week this Friday.

The combatants who have bravely fought for the past 3 weeks include :  

1. Lieutenant General Jeff Deathkorp. Armored rifle company, 2nd Armored Division (Allied overall commander)
2. Capt Tan. 101st Airborne Division 501st PIR
3. Capt Khairul. 101st Airborne Division 506th PIR
4. Lt. Yip. 3rd Armored Division (cameo apperance hehe)  

1. Generalfeldmarschall Alvin Khaw. Schwere SS Panzerkompanie (Axis overall commander)
2. Hauptmann Pura. 6. Fallshirmjagerregiment
3. Hauptmann Shukor. 901 Panzergrenadierkompanie
4. Leutnant Iqbal. 130 Panzerregiment

After 3 weeks of hard fighting the Allies are slowly advancing northwards to capture the main objectives; Nijmegen and Arhnem bridges. These 2 bridges costs 50 and 60 points respectively and will ultimately decide who comes out victorious in this campaign.

The victory points tally so far stands at:
Allies : 64 VP
Axis : 262 VP

At this point, the bridges do look too far.... but the Allies still have 2 weeks to snatch a heroic victory from certain defeat. Bold and aggressive attacks must be made this week!! And you can bet the Axis will not make it easy for them to get to those 2 bridges. Expect to see a konistiger making an appearance soon!!

The fight continues this Friday Hobby Night!!!

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  1. 101st will be first out of the planes!!! Currahee!!!

  2. The 3rd Monmouthshires will join the party, along with the chaps from the 23rd Hussars. Tally ho and all that.

  3. Wish I have the option to lay landmines for your 101st drop site. Heh.

    I'll be there tomorrow, to defend and push the Allies back!

  4. Dude, my paras would dig out those mines and make anti tank bombd hehe

  5. My Biermeyer platoon would roll over them, get blown up, and then commandeer his Tigers to continue the attack!! ;)

    Depending on who shows up tomorrow I might get to finally crack out my SS Panzerkompanie :)

  6. 901 Panzergrenadierkompanie ready to defend Fatherland :)

  7. @Kraugzer- Is that Shukur popping up on Legio...?

  8. Khairul, your paras would have to land on those mines first. Hahaha.

    I hope to see more players tomorrow like last week, it was fun!

  9. I wish I was back in Malaysia. Have fun boys!

  10. @Ivan- We wish you were here as well dude! When you going to blog again? We'll all check it out if you get off yer butt and start some hobby goodness....!

  11. Jeff: Blog won't be active anytime soon. I'm in the midst of trying to collect a FoW army. Very much confused on what to buy and how to buy. I'm planning to do either the Guards Armoured Squadron (Tank Company or Guards Armoured Recce Squadron (Tank Company). (Somehow I like the look of the Sherman Tanks, but I love how Cromwells are engineered) Basically I don't know where to start. What would you recommend I buy just to get a foot in FoW?

  12. @Ivan- Check your email dude. I thought we had already sorted you on what to do earlier, but I've sent you an email explaining things the best I know how. You just pick an army list, and then get the mandatory HQ and two combat platoons. Everything else is optional and up to you

  13. Oh and out of curiousity, why is blogging and collecting a Flames army mutually exclusive? If you blogged about your progress, you'd get encouragement and advice from a bunch of us dude. You need to spark up your hobby!!!!

  14. Gah!! I m on assignment in melaka. Hope the Allied can make a major breakthrough this turn.



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