Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roadtrip : Gameforge Penang 25-26 February 2012

I've only ever gone on a hobby road trip once in my life. And it was a total blast!! Good friends, great event, overall awesome experience. That was way back in 2010 and the event was organised by those hensem people at Gameforge Penang.
Check out my report on the trip here :)
Gameforge 40K combat patrol

So when i heard that those cool guys up north will be organizing another event this year, you can bet your retirement fund savings that i'll be going!! This time it'll be a 500 points Warhammer Fantasy border patrol.
Gameforge cool cats with hensem Legio hunks (taken during 40k combat patrol event ;)
I'm also roping in my partners in pillage from the last roadtrip, Jeff Deathkorps the merciless and Iqbal treeplanter the relentlessness to join in the fun again :)

We've managed to convince renegade inquisitor Kravin to lend us his brand new bloodraven(is this what those corky inquisitions call their version of the stormraven...) so this time we'll be traveling in style. He also allowed us use of his personal driver-bot so the journey should be fun.
Those cannibals and forest druids we saw during the last trip are so gonna be meltad and blown to bits if i see any of them again!!!

2012 will be a defining year for Legio Malaysia. We've planned some very interesting projects...and the approach and concept will be different from what we've done in previous years.

One of which is to attend regional (outside klang valley) hobby events which involves miniatures. Give us ample notification, promise us a good time, ensure enough painted craters are available (coz my opponents always gets 6s when rolling for my vehicle damage), the stars are aligned nicely (meaning it doesn't clash with our events) and you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll see us there!!!

So join in the fun if you can. Just shoot us an email. For those who need Royal Immigration/Home Mininster approval, certified documents can be given upon request ;)

Ave Legio!!!

For more info on the event, click on the link below.
Gameforge border patrol tournament


  1. hmm..we're missing one person from the old trip..let's convince arzmi to join..

  2. Relentlessly tree-planting, hell yeah!

    Oh, guess who updated their blog? Heh.

  3. Yeah...Arzmi should be kidnapped for this trip.


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