Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gameforge Penang : We came and we plundered and in the end we looted :)

As planned Iqbal, Jeff and yours truly drove up north for Gameforge's Island of Fire tournament.
 There was much fighting and killing and maiming and pillaging and arrows in the knees. But in the end there could only be one....

And that one was ...
All hail mighty Wood Elves Lord Iqbal the merciless!!! The undisputed Champion and new Ruler of the Island of Fire!!!
You have brought much honor to Legio Malaysia with your heroic deeds. Iqbal had a 4 wins and 1 loss(by victory points) record and was shooting with deadly accuracy with his fearless archers. Suffice to say, many were they who ended with arrows in their knees and bowed before his mighty force.
For his efforts he got a RM350 shop voucher which magically turned into 2 boxes of vindicators....go figure.

Congratulations ooo Mighty One!!!

Legio Malaysia also brought home the best painted honors with Khairul getting the most votes from the all the players.
Which was worth RM75 of shop voucher that also magically turned into a box of space marine drop pod...
Truly Gameforge Penang is a magical place. Visit the shop, bring your cash and more than likely it'll turn into boxes of hobby goodness too :)

The event was run well and i believe all the players had fun taking part. For us it was worth the journey up north.
Legio Malaysia Forgemaster Jeff inspecting the gaming tables. And chanting his blessings that all those who met us rolled lows on hits and wounds and highs on leadership tests hehe.

Super special thanks to Rueben and his crew for organizing the event. Gameforge for hosting the event. Doc Selvam for sponsoring some of the prizes. All the cool players who took part in the event and made this trip a truly enjoyable experience for the 3 of us! Thanks so much guys!!! We will definitely be back next time :)

The event ended around 5pm and we started our journey back to Shah Alam after a stop at BK to quench the hunger and thirst that comes after mighty battles.
We came and we took top honors as Tournament Champion and Best Painted :)

Ave Legio!!!


  1. Fuiyo, gempak la Iqbal, I kinda guessed that you're gonna win too anyway.

  2. Nice post! I had a great time, and was very pleased with my VC's 2-2-1 record. Had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next time... :)

  3. a bit of correction..RM300 for being in first place in the tournament, another RM50 for finishing second place in painting ;)

    Looking forward for further good times in Gameforge :)

  4. Wow, looks like you had a blast up there!

  5. Why a Chaos and Loyalist Vindi at the same time?

    1. Why not? Basically it's the same set of sprues..


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