Thursday, February 23, 2012

RSVP / Penang road trip

It's hobby night time again gents!!

With Gameforge's border patrol event this coming Sunday, expect to see some rough tough fantasy rulebook flipping by the wood elf lord, vampire count and lizardmen saurus veteran as they do some last minute "way of the old world do's & don't s". Procrastinators creed 'Why do today what you can do tomorrow' hehe.
Let's hope they don't embarrass Legio Malaysia in the tournament :P

Any would be fantasy hero are more than welcome to bring their 500 points fantasy army to help these wayward generals quickly learn the rules. Thanks in advance.

But if lasers and meltas and gauss particle weapons are more your cup of tea then expect a return of the proud blood angels and necrons.

And please bring some sodas guys :)

Cheers all.


  1. I'll be there. With drinks as usual. Don't forget the violent Blood Angels too.

  2. NECRONS OF DESOLATION will be there too!

  3. Yeah, since I'm going to go to the tourney, I guess it's time to play my first game of current edition Warhammer!!! :O

  4. i should be there. Only my BA are available for play though.

  5. Chris goh here , I will come with two of my friend. Eldar, nid and BA

  6. Name of my friends, joe au and audrey khoo


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