Thursday, February 9, 2012

RSVP Time! FoW, Fantasy and other mayhem :)

Yup :) We're open tomorrow night for some dice rolling action.

There will be a discussion/how to play FoW for those who are interested. If you want to learn the basics of how to move your units, how to shoot, how to use artillery, call in air support followed by hand to hand brutal assault then you need to come. This session will also be useful for those intending to join the Bagration campaign in May.

A border patrol of 500 points lizardmen will also be around ready to take on any comers :)
Really need to brush upon the rules for the Gameforge event later this month.

Also heard that a size able number of tryanids and necrons might be making an appearance on recruitment drive for new brood, followers etc.

So give us your real name and join the fun :)


  1. Should be able to come, but most likely to arrive late. Another quick game between my Elves and your Lizardmen, Khairul?

    Rizal's planning to come to, but let him confirm his attendance himself.

  2. im comin,,hoho..playing 40k tmrw,,

  3. I'll be there, but unsure what time will be best since Jeff is not around.

  4. Anytime can, me & Pura will be waiting for you guys here. Normally by 7.30pm we should have started already. Cant wait to get my hands on the bugs :)

  5. btw kraugzer,,do u need me to bring more nids fer ya? ill definitely bring necrons cause im playing it tonite


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