Monday, March 26, 2012

New Legio Officer

We are pleased to announce that Alvin Khaw has been duly appointed to become a Legio Officer with immediate effect. His super hobby interest combined with his continuous efforts to promote the hobby within the community makes him the perfect candidate to fill in the honorary post of Strategium Adept.

Apart from already fulfilling all the dark and better kept a secret ritual initiations, Alvin will be helping us to organize an event which will hopefully set the gaming community abuzz very soon. Stay tuned for more info on this in the near future.

Incidentally, Alvin is also the owner of Hobby Forge. The best place in town for your GW addiction and other hobby materials. Check out his website here

So join us in congratulating Alvin on attaining this not coveted position which means he's now responsible for developing and promoting the miniatures wargames hobby in our community together with the other existing Legio Officers for zero remuneration. Headaches comes free of charge :)

Hail Alvin. Ave Legio!!


  1. All hail Alvin! well done! Ave Legio!

  2. Congrat to you Alvin.. Proud to have you as a Legio Officer.

  3. Thanks guys, I'll be doing my best to make the hobby more engaging for everyone.

  4. Thanks man, couldn't have gone this far without you and the rest of the guys.

  5. @alvin: Congrats bro, very well deserved!


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