Thursday, March 22, 2012

RSVP. May all your rolls be 6s...

Whose up for tomorrow night?

I'm dying to play some FoW especially since my spanking brand new 3rd Ed rulebook has arrived :)
So the 506th of the 101st will be dropping from the skies yet again scraping for a fight!!!
Bring your armies and we'll learn what's new in this edition together.

Am also sure brave space marines will also make a showing to defend the imperium against the dark and evil...

Bring some drinks and we'll have a merry time together :)

See you guys tomorrow. Ohh yeah, please rsvp so we know you're coming.


  1. I'll definitely be there, early this time. With my Death Company!!!

  2. i'll be there with my Dynasty of DOOOM!!! :)

  3. Chris goh,audrey k n joe au. With blood angel n grey knights.

  4. Hi, names hakim green and would like to attend hobby night along with a friend.


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