Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something a bit special this Hobby Night

That's right! We've planned something a bit special for this week's hobby night.

At the hobby tables :
1. Airbrushing 101
- you've heard all about what this magical contraption can do. You're heard about single-action, double-action, top feed, bottom feed, air pressure etc. You want to find out more to learn if it's suitable for your hobby needs. Well, you're definitely in luck!!! This week i'll be bringing my trusty ol air compressor coz Alvin wants to prime and basecoat some of his models. Which practically means that the newly appointed Legio officer has volunteered to give a demonstration and answer all your questions about airbrushing :)
- i'm pretty sure he'll let you have a go if you ask nicely.

2. Share N Tell table
- this is something new that we're starting this week. What is it? It's basically a Share N Tell table where you can display one single miniature model per week. Why would you want to do that you ask?
 Good question....and here's some answers.
> you've just completed painting a model and want to share it with your friends :)
> you've just completed sculpting/converting/modifying a model and would appreciate some comments on how to improve it further or ideas on paint schemes.
> you're currently painting a model and can't figure out that one detail that you're missing.....what are friends for.
The fundamental spirit for this is to share your current projects. And hopefully find inspiration and help inspire others :)
No hard and fast rules. One model per week. It can be WIP or completed work. Models must be taken back once Hobby Night finishes.
Shukor will bring one of his big Nids. I will bring my Silver Skulls land speeder. Anyone else?

At the gaming tables :
1. I'll be bringing my Angels Sanguine and Saim-Hann army for a game with a newly promoted Captain of the Blood Angels. He's killed his fair share of chaos, xenos and anything else in between. Then he heard that there's also a tabletop game version and wants to give it a try :)
Any other new players are also welcomed to join us!!

2. Play-testers required
We are planning a 40k on-going event and would appreciate players who could help us to play-test the system. All you need to do is bring a legal FOC army of 1K - 2K and play your normal games. Your army does not have to be painted but reasonably WYSIWYG. Details of the system will be explained on the night. Nothing complicated but should be fun.

3. Or you can play your normal games with friends like you've done every Hobby Nights :)

Whichever strikes your fancy is fine. As usual please RSVP with names ;)


  1. top feed - sounds like too much fun ;) ... dude, sounds like a really special hobby nite!

  2. I'll be hobbying sober at Legio. Heh.

    Stuffs that I'll bring to airbrush:
    3 Chaos Vindicators
    6 Blood Angels

    Khairul, I thought you're posting this in the forums?

  3. Got it, will copy and paste this after dinner, kinda hungry now. Haha.

  4. I'll be there, trying to complete my squad of Rangers..
    after that, will be moving to either the Vyper or Fire Dragons..

  5. At first I thought the picture was a bunch of shuriken catapults! No, I won't be around this week, but I hope to come more often in the future...

  6. Hello All, Goh here (limp at wargamersmalaysia forum), I'll try to be there on 8 something maybe 9 (hopefully the traffic won't be so bad and pls, pls don't rain) for some GS/milliput action with Vuel the Big Mek =) and hopefully I can see some airbrush action too =D

    1. Event Update: Tonight there'll be a Sculpting 101 session too.

  7. sounds like I picked a bad week to be out of town...

  8. Ah..Jeff is not around...

    Then question : Errr... what should I tell the guardsmen that's guarding Legio when I wanna enter?

    Last time I was like pointing to the third floor and say : "errrrr... Jeff?" then it's open sesame...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just say Legio Malaysia and he'll ask you for your name..

  9. Do anyone wan a game? With my gk? If no one play, I dun think I will drive that far. =/

  10. "Do or do not...there is no try." Jedi master Yoda.
    Or "hopefully...if it doesn't rain....if home minister approves...etc"
    Padawan khairul ;)

    Limp- just tell the guard u're attending hobby night. Failing which just call me or Alvin. We'll be there. 1st floor ok.

  11. Yes Master Khairul, I *will* be there.


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