Monday, August 6, 2012

Hobby Night 03/08/12

It was an astonishing night! Attendance was high, with three different wargames system being played. Contrary to what was the norm during Ramadhan Hobby Nights previously, 20+ wargamers led by the WM/H gang showed up to roll some dice. From 19pts Colossal units, to the brand new 40K 6th Edition, and to a less fictional Late War skirmish, everything was there.
The WM gang were rocking that night!!
 The WM/H group seems to be increasing as more players committed themselves to the game. Games were furious and intense, and the players were so into the game that we got lost track of time. By the time Hobby Night was closed, we even had a player left in the vicinity, locked up in the darkness. Sorry Dick, we thought everyone had vacated the facility.
Guess who won...
 Arzmi and me had our first taste of 6th Edition rules, pitting the Grey Knight Terminators against a Plague Marine army led by Typhus. If you've yet to play 6th Edition, all we can say is to throw your knowledge of 5th Edition rules out of the window as it's way different . The new rules were made to better reflect character heroism and epic storytelling of the battles being played; while the era of vehicle-spam will soon be forgotten. Death Star units and min-maxing will still be there, but with regards to the new missions, their threat level and usefulness has somehow been reduced. Have a go at the new rules and give us your comment about it.
No no no it doesn's reach....yes, it does....No..Yes...Yes ...No..Wanna take it outside?
 Next week, some players are planning to have some games with their FOW Early War armies in preparation for the Operation Case Yellow campaign. Rumours has it that Warhammer Fantasy might be played too, as a certain Empire general was enlightened after acquiring a new tome of combat. Until next Hobby Night, Ave Legio!


  1. That was a truly great hobby night. So great that a certain officer forgot to give the last game warning at 10 haha.

    Looking forward to trying out early war next week!!

  2. Looks like an awesome hobby nite!! Looking forward to coming back this Friday. My EW Germans will be ready next week, so we'll see my Eldar for 40k this week. And yes, 40k 6th ed rocks!!!

  3. Awesome! I'll be there next week for sure

  4. Who be this Empire's General? Would he dare to match the ageless might of the Asuryan this Friday?

  5. Is that Arzmi? Glad to have him back...thank to 6th ed 40k. :)

  6. more like FoW brotha !! havent finised my french army last week so i didnt bring it and since my only fully painted army is GK 6th ed it was.

    btw Doc when are we gonna have our bi-annual 8k fantasy game?

  7. Soon, I will be in KL late August and will bring my Ogres with me.
    On a sad note, I haven't played 40k yet. Not much 40k crowd here in Penang. Dust is picking up, though.


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