Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Independence Day Hobby Night RSVP

Yes,  we're open for gaming this Friday night guys. And its gonna be a night to remember for sure!

First up, we have the first and only copy of Spartacus : A Game of Blood & Threachery boardgame in the whole of Asia :) And just how did we manage this incrediale feat you ask? Let's just say that they used a certain Legio officer's body shot for the cover art. The actor's head was photoshopped. You can tell if you look closely...

Secondly, the armies for next month's FoW early war campaign, Operation Case Yellow will be making their pre-war military exercises. Expect to see gliders and parachutes dropping onto the battlefields.

Third, we have inside information that a certain Faizal Sani will be coming. He's completed his tour of duty up north and it'll be great to see him again at Legio. If we're lucky, we might be able to see his superbly painted Night Lords army ;) still my beating heart...  Doc Selvam also said he will make it! I cannot and will not personally vouch for this cause he did ditch me a while back (hehe). But you just know that when the Doc's around things are gonna get preettttyyyy wilddd.
I'm pretty sure Doc will be spending all his gold when he sees the slaves at the market.

RSVP with full independence.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia and everyone!!!

Note : Legio will open at 6pm.


  1. I will be there for a game of Spartacus and some mad painting! :)

  2. Arzmi Arcturus Ares; Giver of Jupiter's you-know-what, shall pay fealty and join in the madness that is CapuaFront

  3. Hi guys ... what time are you open this Friday Merdeka Night? Are there any places left open for the Spartacus board game? =) I am planning to make a trip to Legio if you guys still have space for a hobbyist for the night. Fingers crossed nothing turns up or I don't get lost.

    1. Hobby Night will open up at 6 tomorrow- there will definitely be room. I can't remember the last time we didn't have enough space for folks... :)

    2. 4EM- looking forward to seeing you at Legio man. There'll always be space for hobby :)
      Also for the Spartacus game though its on a first come first play basis.

    3. @deathkorps - Thanks for the info Jeff. =)

      @Khairul - dude ... in that case I will be there at 5.45 pm and waiting for Legio to open up the gates. Btw ... did you ever get that Star Trek game?

  4. I am coming also and will be bringing my dormant Punjabi Regiments for a game of FOW. Unfortunately I don't know the rules. :(

  5. Unfortunately I won't be around tomorrow morning till Monday. Been out for some time. (Last week was Malacca.)

    Hope to see you guys next week! Have fun guys!

  6. I'll be coming but I'll be quite late maybe arriving at around 10:30pm.

  7. Shall bring over the panzers for a tumble!

  8. Sorry guys, won't be able to make it tonight. Have to attend a compulsory Independence Day event later tonight.


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