Thursday, November 6, 2008

...and the tournament is full!

Howdy Legionnaires!

We have now officially registered all of the available spots in the Warhammer 40,000 Legio Tournament being held on Saturday, November 15th. From this point forward, we are still happy to accept reserve entries. If anyone on game day is a no show, we will fill their spots with members of the reserve list on a first come, first served basis.

In addition, we have had some more questions that we'd like to answer for everyone...

Does extra armor have to modeled on my vehicles if I choose to take that wargear?

Absolutely. Plasticard is a fast and easy way to model extra armor. Multifilla has a fantastic selection of plasticard, brass, tin, and other goodies for conversions like this. You could also use spare track links, logs, sandbags, etc. to represent this wargear choice. Of course, Forgeworld also has a lovely range of extra armor for Rhinos, Predators, and Land Raiders. Vehicles that do not have the extra armor modeled may not be equipped with it in the game.

Do melta bombs have to be repped on my figures?

Yes. Characters taking this wargear must represent it somewhere on the model. Squads equipped with melta bombs must have at least 2 or 3 models equipped with melta bombs.

What about Special Characters?

This is a good one to bring up. A good example of this is Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines. He's equipped with a combi-flamer, but most versions of the model do not include this wargear.

For Special Characters, if you are using the actual model (and not converting one of your own), you do NOT need to convert all their wargear if you don't wish to. Since Special Characters can't normally change their wargear, it's ok to assume that the model intended for that character represents that character just fine. However, please use common sense. Don't show up with the power armored version of Marneus Calgar and try to use him as the one equipped with Terminator armor... hahaha!

Remember folks, we're not trying to be a kill joy with our modeling standards for Legio Tournaments. We just want to create an environment that supports the total hobby- an ideal that most if not all Legionnaires share. It's a lot of fun to play against a fully painted, WYSIWYG army. Great looking battles with no confusion are awesome to take part in. So, if you're a little vexed that you need to do some extra modeling time, remember that once you're done your army will look that much better!




  1. C'tan Deceiver's Deceive special rule:
    In the Shooting phase, the Deceiver can visit an enemy unit with visions of their descruction realistic enough to shake the bravest. The power has a range of 24", requires a line of sight and cannot be used on a unit that is in close combat. The unit must take either a Morale test ora Pinning test at the whim of the C'tan using the power...

    So my question is... does that considered shooting? Is just a power that happens on the shooting phase with no rolling to hit.
    I asked this because I'm wondering can C'tan Deceiver able to RUN and still use that power?
    And can it use that power on unit A and then assault unit B?

    So the definition of shooting is very important here.

    I have posted in warseer for your reference but they say best to always check with the tournament organizer first. :)

  2. RAW, the C'tan Deceiver's Deceive power is not a shooting attack, and is not an "instead of shooting" power. So, yes, you can Deceive unit A and charge unit B. And you can use the power and Run.

    Also, don't forget that even fearless units can be pinned by this power, and count as gone to ground if they fail the test


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