Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GC 40K RTT December 13th

That's right, Legionnaires, Games Circle is running a 1750 pt, single elimination 40K tourney on Saturday, December 13th at Games Circle. This tournament is the first event in a "GC Grand Prix 2009 Tournaments" series of tourneys that they have planned for 2009. We've added this event to the Legio calendar, and as we get more info on future events you can be sure we'll put them up.

For more information, contact Richie at GC!


  1. Azlan? Can you give some good directions to Games Circle? I can't! He he he

  2. It's in one of the shop houses surrounding Atria in SS21 PJ. Look for a Sports Toto shop. It's 2 floors above that

  3. Yeah I know that place...
    Any info on how to register or any e-mail address?

  4. good question. you can write to Richard at


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