Sunday, November 16, 2008

Glory to the Legion!

There's the last picture of hundreds that were taken- wargaming tables that saw their first action in Legio Malaysia's "Battle in the Eye of Terror" 40K tournament. Terrain was built, models were frantically painted and based, and trips were made in preparation for our first ever Legio Tournament. What a time it was!

20 players fought three grueling rounds across tables all themed to be the surface of a volcanic ash waste. Players not only came from amongst Legio ranks, but also from Penang, JB, and even Singapore. We had a fantastic mix of players and armies participating in the tournament.

While we wait to get the pictures, we're going to go ahead and post the final results here. First, the winners!

Overall Champion: Iskazri's Orks

Best Sportsman: Shazli Abd Aziz

Best Appearance: Joe Soon's Necrons

As you will see in the complete results below, we actually had ties for all three categories. For Overall Champion and Best Appearance, we use their total sportsmanship scores as tie breakers. For Best Sportsman, we use total victory points as the tie breaker (if you can win games and still get high marks, you must be doing something right!)

Below are the complete results for the tournament, sorted in overall ranking. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to Iskazri, Shazli Merican, and Shazli Abd Aziz for their invaluable assistance making the terrain and tables. Ave Legio!


  1. That was one AWESOME tournament and honestly much better than the one in Singapore. I guess because this time it was short and sweet, not as dragging and exhausting as the one I had in Singapore.

    A big hand of applause to the folks organizing this. Even though I'm the only one from Penang (again), hopefully there will be more from the North next year! :D

    Miss gaming with you guys! Until we meet again in the battlefield, take care and keep the dice rolling! \(^_^)/

  2. From what i heard, that was a great event.. and i missed it.. damn..

  3. nuts. terrain is so open! planet bowling ball indeed. shooty armies must have been loving it.

    sounds like a lot of fun, i'm sorry i missed it.

  4. it was tons of fun, even if i didn't actually play. keh win, the close combat armies were the ones that exceled. AK & keh win, you guys were missed. Hope you can make it next time.


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